Saturday, August 6, 2011


It's not just real doggies that bring joy into our lives but I a lot of insight in many of my favorite comic versions.

Please welcome Rick from It's a Ruff Ruff World to Dogably Pawfect Saturdays and don't forget to say hello to Peter at Tippin' the ScalesDavid at AlokoliJon at DeepBlue, and join in all the doggy fun.

Of course real doggies frolicking with shirtless men in water is
pretty nice too.

Baxter is their beagle.


Ray's Cowboy said...

Love the last one. I want to be his pet.


Blobby said...

Great abs, but if you're wearing a suit THAT small and still can't see anything......pity.

Sean said...

Well he's wet so maybe the water was cold.

DeepBlue said...


...Oooooh baby! :O~

becca said...

have a great weekend

David Allen Waters said...

Queen Lola and I are on a break this week, but wanted to come by and say hello :) We will be back to regular scheduled posting next week :)

Have a Pawfect day

Peter said...

Again lots of fun doggy style!

Oops! Did that came out wrong?

Have a PAWFECT weekend Sean!

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