Sunday, October 2, 2011


Saturday seemed like it was going to be a good day. It got off to a good start but after I did JP's post everything went to hell - thus no ADPS post. I wasn't so much that any one thing was so bad, it was just one after the other, most shouldn't have happened and were extremely annoying. 

A pawfect end to the day was Tramp getting out and running to something (I don't say runaway bc I really think he's running to something). This happened around 8pm and of course it was dark and we didn't know exactly how long he was gone before I noticed.

Talk about good karma (great karma wood have been for him not to have run off), despite the horrible day I was having I was putting shopping carts (not just mine) back to where they belonged, gave someone my recipe for Greek Salad which I'm making today to give to my mom's doctors tomorrow and coupons to  a few people that I wasn't going to use and saw they had the product.

The good karma came at the start of my search. Some teenagers were walking down the block and I asked them if they had seen a little dog, but they hadn't. However, about 15 minutes later they had not only found him but were bringing him to my house. He seemed to like being carried by a pretty, young girl (the others were boys). I offered to reward them but they said no?! I gave them a $20 anyway (all that I had) and told them to grab a pizza and expressed my eternal gratitude again. I wasn't sure I'd see him again.

My little devil.
I named him Tramp after Lady and the Tramp specifically for his wandering desires.


  1. I hate that feeling when an animal gets loose or takes off. I fret and would pull out my hair, if I had any.

    Glad he's back.

  2. chin ran off one time, it was the worst two hours of my life...I am glad he returned :)


  3. I thought Torrie had run off when I got my carpeting replaced nearly two years ago and I was relieved when I discovered she was hiding inside my sofa the whole time.

    It's an unnerving feeling when a pet goes missing. I'm glad Tramp's back home & I hope you're feeling better.

  4. Good to see that you buddy is back and your peace of mind restored. Tramp's gotta remember that he has no better place than home (Squirrel!).

  5. Well, that is scary. I'm glad they were able to run across Tramp and bring him back.

  6. My Cairn was named Shelby, after the character in Steel Magnolias... coincidentally.

  7. In the end you had him back. You're both lucky to have each other, hope Ms Truvy thinks that too.


  8. I am glad you got him back. One of the worst times of my life was when my little Pom got spooked by a hot air balloon and took off. I was sure I would never see her again but I found her the next morning hiding in a bush next to the house. I found religion that morning and thanked God.


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