Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm sorry I've been MIA but shit happens and so does life. On Wednesday I had a my follow-up doctors appointment and it went as I expected. He felt my abdomen, ordered new blood work and made an appointment for me at MT Sini in NYC on Nov 1. Apparently my DR thinks or jokes that this place is so big that it has like 3-4 of it's own zip codes.

Then my mom was released from the hospital, after being there 5 days for a minor problem caught very early (I really proud of my self for that with bigger story to follow), 1-2 days then I expected so I had bed making with freshly washed sheets to do, a quick sprucing up of the rest of the house, food shopping and rx filling. Mom is recuperating nicely and I like the effort she's making but am afraid of her doing too much and relapsing.

Enough of than and onto the hot convicts who are getting harder and harder to find.


Cute and Blonde

Dangerous and Blonde

Please home invade me!

This is not PC but needs commenting: You don't
see too many of these guys in the mug shots.

#6 want to do what?

If he showed up at my door I wouldn't close it until
after he walked in but I will definitely show it to
him again in about 2 hours unless he's really good.

A haircut and loosing 10 years and WOOF!

Wonder why he's so happy?

Is this a mugshot or CGI?

This week's glam shot but with lots of  attitude.

Mugshots have been so bad that I've decided to leave you with a man
each week who you can really lust over and this one looks like
he's a victim as well.

I was caching up on Real Time with Bill Maher
and one of our guys from Oct. 5 was in New Rules!
Bill basically said: "I don't know what he did but I know he's guilty."


  1. How did #5 get in the group? I thought planet Vulcan was destroyed.

  2. The hot guy has very cute/hot underwear. Can I take them off?

    With my teeth? :)

  3. #2 looks kinda sweet, so he must be in for murder?

  4. best to you and your mum....yeah the pickings are slim, but you always manage to find a cute one or two ;)

  5. I hope everything gets better for you and Mom. How long is the line for the guy tied up?

  6. We would like to hear more about you and your health; please keep us posted!

  7. Sean. please take care of yourself. I want you and this blog here for a very long LONG time. I am sorry to hear that your Mother is ont doing well. I will put both of you in my prayers.

    I do hope you are doing better.


  8. Oy Sean, I'm so sorry that so much is going on and look forward to reading when your Mom & You are subjects in postings that have nothing to do with doctors and hospitals.

    Be good - you and your Mom are in my thoughts.


  9. Naturally I like #4... but, I would also love a kinky, no holds barred fuck session with the last dude. It would be scary prison hot!

  10. I always tell my mom that it's her turn now not to worry about everything and simply enjoy the days.

    But Mothers don't see it that way. They were raised to serve! And serve they will until they die!

    I agree with you about #8 for the haircut, but I think he is mighty fine even today!


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