Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What's that on your face? :)

Tickle my feet?

Is this wide enough?

I'll be naked, on the floor and ready when you cum in.


I'm dirty and need to take a shower.

You takl'n to me?

I was just admiring that bubble but of yours.

Fuck yah! Take it all the way.

Thanks, that was great.

Just some beefcake.

I can be a pretty boy as well.

I think you like me better this way.

Sooooo satisfied. 
Thanks to MNPP for many of the pics.


Mark in DE said...

I. Can't. Wait.

Mark, née Fuzz said...

I developed a serious case of the hots for him during his stint on "Oz", and nearly tinkled when I heard he'd be a Fang next year. He'd turn me into a fangbanger for sure.

Bo said...

I need to go out and buy Oz on dvd.

Peter said...

I need to go out and start watching True Blood. What season will he be on?

Ray's Cowboy said...

Is he really going to be on True Blood. It is going to be smoking HOT if so.


Love him in OZ Allot.

Howard in CT said...

No-o-o, Chris, you are no pretty boy.
You are one long-lasting, hunka hunka burnin' hot MAN!

Prospero said...

You got a nod on Kenneth in the 212!

Prospero said...

Oh, and P.S. - I think I need to re-subscribe to HBO...

CJ/Rick said...

Man his ass won't quit. Mercy!

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