Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Meet David of Another Mile Marker. I started reading David's blog 6 or 7 weeks ago and it continues to grow on me. Rather than tell you about David and his blog, I'll let him do it in his own words of which there are many.

I try to keep it fun, but it's a place for me to think aloud honestly... to ponder, share and vent. And being that I am a gay male, some of the content may reflect that in a tasteful (most times) and respectful manner to all. If you have a problem with that, please check out the home page of the NRA, Christian Coalition, NASCAR, The Daily Mullet, Wal-Mart, or Sarah Palin. If you don't have a problem with it, please stay seated, secure your articles and keep your hands inside the car for the duration of the ride. 
I live by the mantra "A man with no baggage has been nowhere" (which, coincidentally, I made up)... When I hear someone say 'leave your baggage at the door', what they are really saying is that they don't want to know the real you... or only the fun parts. I believe the experiences that we go through mold us into the people that we are, so the more you've endured, the more diverse you are. The trick is to move forward by analyzing, learning and doing what you can to not make the same mistake again, but own your crazy. It's who you are.
Words that describe me: Romantic, realist, sarcastic, care-giver, dog person, humorist, gay, Gemini, bleeding-heart Liberal, Democrat, contortionist (ok, well, not the last one) 
I enjoy the outdoors... camping, hiking, biking, kayaking and just taking rides to no particular place, since I love to drive. I like mocha frappucinos, Fall, the smell of a puppy, all animals (especially dogs and except snakes (eek!)), architecture, Pooh (as in Winnie the), Reba, Smarties (the candy), arts and crafts, retro anything, cute scruffy-faced guys in flip-flops with nice feet, Bill and Hillary and Barack, rubbing my woobie (blanket my Mom made for me), dark chocolate, Glee, finding the cool spot under the covers, cuddling... and reading $85 worth of trashy Hollywood magazines for free at the Barnes and Noble over a $4 coffee every week... to see who's whoming who... 
I dislike crowds, cigarette smoke/kissing a smoker, drugs and calling them 'meds', pickles and most condiments, arrogant people that can't back up their game, snakes (eek, again!), manly-muscle narcissistic guys, people who can't spell "narcissistic", watching the news (too depressing), bad hygene, organized religion, unorganized religion, unorganized people, TomKat, Spiedi, Brangelina, Bennifer, SoBo, and any other celebrity pairing with a 'cute' combined name. Bush, Bush and Bush (and Cheney, too) Palin, Palin and Palin (and Beck and Rush, too).  

A weekly post highlighting one of the many blogs I read and feature on my blogrolls. Some blogs may have been around for years, others for weeks.

My blogroll is divided into several categories: 
Passengers - Personal and Entertainment Blogs
Trailering - News and Political Blogs
Park and Ride - Adult NSFW Blogs
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