Saturday, March 5, 2011


The Adjustment Bureau is a fast paced and engaging movie. Unlike Inception, you always know what is happening, you just don't know exactly how it's getting there. I recommend it.

  • The opening credits are really fun because of all the real life politicians, celebrities and NY news people making cameos. 
  • Matt Damon gets more handsome every year.
  • I think Matt's character is ultimately evil. You'll debate this with your friends.
  • John Slattery - enough said.
  • I liked Emily Blunt in the first half of the movie but they didn't really develop her character and I didn't like her in the second half.
  • The AB seemed to be taken from several Twilight Zone episodes.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Talk about bone structure.

If that's a teardrop tattoo, then he has killed a person.



Heeere's Johnny! 

That smirk makes him too damn cute.

Which way to the football field?
Have you seen my neck?

He has the eyes but they would so much better if he smiled a little.

Our first Mug Shot in a suit.



Steelly blue eyes...swoon.

Looks like he knows what's coming his way.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My post on the new sugar container resulted in the second most comments in almost 600 posts! I was shocked to say the least. 

The above pic was sent to me by friend and fellow blogger, Peter of Tippn' the Scales, of the sugar and brown sugar packaging they have been using in the Netherlands for a while now. I like these better.
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