Saturday, March 12, 2011


We're doomed!

I knew all was lost (I'm talking about the movie not necessarily the ending) when after the title they spent the next 20 minutes doing character development. At first there were some intense moments but they quickly faded to just plain bad war movie cliches. 

Major issues:
  • The world's reaction to a massive incoming meteor storm.
  • Aliens are going to fight a land war?
  • Aliens from another planet don't have air capabilities?
  • Marines use paper maps and not GPS?
  • A bus? Really?
  • Don't they have sewers in Santa Monica?
  • Is Santa Monica part of LA? I thought this was Battle of LA not Santa Monica.
  • They didn't think the FOB's would be taken out?
  • They thought the missiles were gonna make it?
  • Why did they keep getting into helicopters?
  • They shoot an alien like 200 times but don't kill it and then they dissect one and suddenly they're killing them with 2-3 shots?
  • Alien drones with their weapons integrated into their bodies are pretty lousy shots.
  • No one should have survived this movie, including the audience. 


When your head finally hits your pillow tonight, you will have one less hour to enjoy it because at 2 AM Daylight Savings Time goes into effect and we spring forward one hour.

In addition to loosing an hour, you need to make time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and you should dust/vacuum them. Be sure to recycle the batteries.

For your added pleasure, Rachel Maddow explains that much of what we think about it is a myth.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


He looks sweet but he's not.


There are no headlights and you're no deer.

Yeah, ya got me. So?

The forward head tilt is never a good look. Is he trying to piss Trya off?

Too puffy?

Am I seeing a trend?

I think he's about to cry.

He's my favorite this week.

How scary would it be if the carpet matched the drapes?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


True Blood doesn't return until June 12 but here are some spoilers to wet your appetite. The 4th season with have 12 episodes.

  • A ton of new characters show up, including a clan of Wiccan witches.
  • Daniel Buran will play Alcide’s new master, the head werewolf.
  • Gary Cole and Fiona Shaw have joined the show. All that is known is Shaw will play Marnie, a palm reader possessed by a witch.
  • Godrich somehow returns, we can assume another flashback of the past.
  • Sookie will be hooking up with Alcide this season, so it’s been teased. She’s over Bill’s due to his latest betrayal.
  • Tara returns from her runaway-vacation at the end of Season 3 and she’s changed.
  • Sam’s brother Tommy returns, along with more shifters.
  • Arlene is still pregnant with the baby, and still being haunted by Renee.
  • Eric, as in the fourth book, has Amnesia! (Clip Below) Russell Edgington will be back (breaking out of his cement tomb) and he’s gunna be pissed!
  • Steve Newlander is back with his church of the sun! 

Monday, March 7, 2011


Stevie (over at nicetoseestevieb) proposed a Five Degrees meme of sorts.  Five questions to be answered to give greater insight into the writer’s psyche. The first topic?  The Dumbest Thing you’ve done.

I've done many dumb things, we all have, but this event I thought would give you the best laugh. My boyfriend had had some early morning, pre-work fun and either I decided to keep my metal cockring (see above) on or it wouldn't come off. Either way, I wore it to work where I was managing a watch store with hardwood floors.

I no sooner opened the doors when I had my first customer. As I was showing her her selection, btw we were both on the same side of the counter, I felt a little run down my leg followed by a loud pinging! Fortunately I instantly realized what was happening and was able the get my foot over the cockring before she could see it. I don't know if she saw or heard anything but she never commented and I learned two lessons. The first is if you are going to leave the house wearing a metal cockring, wear briefs or boxer briefs NOT boxers, at least briefs stand of change of catching the ring if it comes off. Secondly, don't leave the house wearing a metal cockring unless it is part of the dress code of your destination.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


A new feature on Sherffius Sunday to help cleanse the palate of all the bad, sad news.

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