Saturday, June 11, 2011


I take no credit for this post as it so well done by JA at My New Plaid Pants. Vincent Price. Who knew? I'll want to track this book down but it may take some work. The especially love the illustrations.

I was terribly sad when I realized that I was going to be in Italy over the Vincentennial - that is, the 100th anniversary of Vincent Price's birth that happened on May 27th - because I would've loved to have done something. I contemplated getting something together beforehand, but with all my travel planning that wasn't to be. But who says the Vincentennial's stuck to one measly day? It's the whole year, dang it. So it feels right to post these images that I've been sitting on for awhile.

Price wrote a book in 1961 called The Book of Joe, that was an "autobiography" of his beloved dog. It's hard to find - I stumbled across a copy in a used book shop in South Carolina a couple of years ago - but it's a delight. Like his equally awesome cookbook, you can't help but here his distinctive voice behind every word, and it jolts even the most simple of stories with that always electric presence.The book's got several illustrations by artist Leo Hershfield in it; I glanced around the internet and saw the images don't appear to have ever made their way online, and they seemed worth sharing. Especially for the Vincentennial. Something a bit different. Click any of the images to embiggen!

Friday, June 10, 2011

200,000 HITS!

Thank you. What else can I say? It seems so simple but not enough people say it or feel it. Well, I do. I started blogging as a simple way to keep track of the blogs I enjoyed reading and then one day I posted that it was my only intent and because I disliked seeing the blank page but as I began leaving comments I started getting visits and I slowly put my feet in the posting pool and I'm typically a jump-in sorta guy.

The more blogs I followed, the more I learned about my own limitations but also what thoughts and bits of information I could contribute - my niche if you will. That niche has hit 200,00 hits and over 140 followers. I know I'll never be a Joe.My.God, Bill in Exhile, Mangina Monologues, I Should Be Laughing, Iced Tea and Sarcasm, Retired in Delaware, Tippin' The Scales, Deep Blue, Alokoli, Ray's Cowboys, West of Mayberry, David Dust and many of the other blogs I so enjoy and am inspired by - even, god help me, Brettcajun (see my Passengers for links) and I cool with it.

I have yet to meet anyone but I have made numerous friends (not just bloggers but commenters as well) and what an amazing benefit that is!

I make this promise to you, "To continue to post regularly and to say goodbye and not just disappear should that ever come. So Thank You and here's to the next 200,000!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This week's collection is from Chicago and the men are as hot as the temps there.


You know how to whistle? You put your lips together and blow.


It's my goal in life to make the mullet fashionable again.
That's why he was arrested.


Best Dressed


Why do I feel like singing "Pippi, Pippi  Longstocking, if you say it fast it's funny!"

Glamor Shot

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