Monday, January 16, 2012


Christmas afternoon, Truvy loves my 14 year old nephew but
he didn't want to be interrupted while Skyping with his girlfriend.

This year I went to town on decorating the house. I did fore for my mom then because I wanted to, I knew it would be a hard year to get into the Christmas spirit. I was very slow to take them down (except for the outside lights - I took advantage of the warm weather and feared a predicted below normal cold with big snows) for two reasons. First, it was going to be a lot of work and the second reason hit me as I put things away - this might have been my mom's last Christmas. All signs point to recovery and she has her last chemo on the 30th before going on a maintenance program and really, the possibility is always there for each of us but this was tough.

So now that I've brought you down, let me bring you back up as I post my pics and show the difference between years past and this year's more inspired decorating. You'll notice no people pics. Nobody took any this year and even in a good year, I have always been very camera shy.
Fireplace 2011

Fireplace close-up 2011

Fireplace close-up 2011

Fireplace in years past - notice I've painted and removed that outdated boarder.

Christmas tree 2011

Truvy in Santa's chair by the tree 2011.

Christmas tree 2010.
My mom loves snowmen and has collected a few over the years and get them as presents from her kindergarten kids every year, so this year I created Snowman Village.

Snowman Village 2011

Close-up of Snowman Village.

Close-up of Snowman Village.

Close-up of Snowman Village.

This is the second year I've setup a tree in the den. I did this after I learned that my mom had a bunch of her mom's (my grandma's Christmas ornaments). I didn't remember I had done this for years with my other grandma's tree. At least I'm consistent. It's a pre-lit, comes in just 3 pieces, Martha Stuart tree that was fairly inexpensive and very quality.

Grandma's Christmas tree 2011.

D'oh! I forgot to take pictures of the house this year.
So here's 2010's White Christmas which with all the storms
we had ruined the lights we had and I had to get all new ones and all LED's.


  1. Love the snowman village. Our theme for our tree is snowman too.

  2. Oh....I thought it was a snowman flash mob and all the lights were from their tiny little i-phones.

    It is good that you do this. I also understand how you might have forgotten about the den tree and other decorations. After my Mom died and we were cleaning out the house, I found out that over the years I had forgotten and given her more than one tabletop tree - well, I suppose if the idea was good enough the first time it was just as good the next time. The really good news is that you got out all the heirloom ornaments and used them while you are all around to enjoy them. Kudos Sean!

  3. I didn't take down my decorations until 2 days ago.

    The latest I have ever had them up.

    Your decorations and house look awesome.

  4. Love what you did to rooms, painting and taking those borders down made the rooms bigger, even when it's only optical.

    My parents are emotional all the time for the things we do for them, they're 88 and 91. I tell them we learned to do this as part of our upbringing, for them or other loved ones, even strangers. Do good yourself so others do good for you.

    I'm glad she's still around, and that you take the time and effort to spend time with her. I know its not always easy... [sometimes you just ~@#!!*...] but that will go away too...

  5. My favorite decoration is Truvy.

  6. Nice to see cheery decorations and warm-looking room with fireplace.

    The good news is that your mom will be going on a maintenance program. That's encouraging.

    This is my first comment, though I visit often. All the best for 2012.

  7. Love the picturs thank you for sharing them with us.


  8. You did a great job! The decorations looked wonderfully festive.

  9. Thanks for sharing the holiday pics. It must be easy to get in the spirit with the constant treat of snow. Truvy looks so comfy in Santa's chair. Like the tree and fireplace and love the snowman village.
    I hope you and mom have many more holidays to remember.


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