Friday, February 10, 2012


Yummmm..Rod Taylor - so handsome, sexy, what-a-chest, loved the sun, great voice and body. His only flaw was that he didn't know how to button up a shirt. I can overlook that. One of Australia's first exports.
  • The Birds - handsome, strong, sensitive, mam's boy, hero.
  • HG Wells Time Machine - handsome, genius, strong, sensitive, hero.
  • World Without End - handsome, scientist, strong, hero.
  • Giant - handsome, James Dean.
  • The Twilight Zone, - handsome, astronaut, uniform, tortured.
  • 101 Dalmations - the voice of Pongo, can't get much cuter.
  • Inglourious Bastards - Brad Pitt, Eli Roth, the memories.


John Gray said...

I always liked him in HOTEL!

BosGuy said...

No idea who he is but I can appreciate his obvious good looks.

Marc said...

Loved him in The Birds and on TV's Falcon Crest.

Prospero said...

I STILL have a crush on young Rod Taylor.

PS. Too funny - I scrolled down to the capcha, which reads "bearit"

Ron said...

Sorry Sean, this is one that I never got. Guy Madison is till my all-time childhood crush. I used to like Farley Granger until I found out he was gay.

Mark in DE said...

I must agree with you. He was very sexy.

Red-Hot-Chilli said...

I can totally relate! But another favourite of mine whose most famous role was in one of Hitchcock's movies, and who I think looks even hotter is JOHN GAVIN!

Sean said...

Red - I'm not familiar with him but he is a hottie.

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