Friday, March 2, 2012


Unlike other Childhood Crushes on men like Davy, Bobby Sherman, Bobby Benson, the Cassidy brothers,  Jimmy Connors, Borge, Chrissie, Parker Stevenson, Rod Taylor and more,  Logan's Run opened my mind as to were and how to have gay sex. After seeing it again, TMC had in on commercial free and unedited, I thought that the special effects held up very well and that it provided much insight into how and where I'd be getting my sex.

The film was released in 1976 and I mush have begged my parents to drag me to the not so local showing of this move. On it's surface, it's a cops (know as sand men) chasing the bag guys (the runners)movie. Peolple have a life clock in the palm off their left hand and when they turn 30 they must go to carousel to renew/die. If they don't they become runners.

I love the colorful, clinging, revealing clothes that are flowing and color coded by your zodiac sign. Life is all fun, no stress and apparently no disease. The design, architecture and special effects hold up really well for the most part, some other effects not so much.

After Carousel, Logan returns to his room and cruises the Circuit. The first to materialize, is a handsome shirtless man who shoots Logon a "cum fuck me look' (DING!!) Logon moves on to the next chat room. He chooses Jessica who's dress is opened on the side with no bra or panties - Parents are getting nervous.

He takes her to the couch and they begin making out but she say PLEASE, NO, Please. He asked if she likes women (DING!!) just then his friend and fellow Sandman comes in with 2 girls, throws a ball at the ceiling which releases party enhancers activated the orgy begins. (DING!!)

The next day the computer makes Logan a runner ih hopes that he'll find Sancuary - so her Run and Jessica helps him. He friend/partner Francis (I never liked him) starts chasing him because he's a runner and because Jessica is a bad influence on him. (is this more than a bromance for Francis?)

Logan used a hand held device with GPS which also displays the runner's picture to locate the runner. Today we call it Grindr.

Logon goes for some plastic surgery with a fresh, young, beautiful, pre Charlie's Angels, Farrah Fawcett. When that goes bad they escape into the LOVE Shop! It's a Love Shop! It's a BathHouse with Amyl filling the air, a dark maze filled with hands and SEX! STRAIGHT SEX! GAYSEX! LOTS OF SEX!!

So fresh and pretty.
They are now in a frozen world and have to change. More of Jessica's breasts and ass but only Michael's chest. Then we see naked bodies frozen in ice - so many breasts, chests and frost covered penises. At 12 any kind of nakedness is interesting and I'm still surprised we haven't been pulled out of the movie.

Lastly we are treated to skinny dipping once they finally make it outside. The film changes pace, slows down and has weak ending but I have learned my lesson on where to go and how to have gay sex, at least in the 1970's.

Who wouldn't want to live in a city like this?


  1. I loved this movie, but it's been so long since I've seen it I don't remember how it ends.

  2. I love that show. I also loved the six million dollaer Man..WOOF

    But when that guy did come through about gay sex. No need to move on. I was all into it.


  3. The movie end at the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Were everyone comes out of their world into ours.

  4. Yes to the original LOGAN'S RUN... I also found it to be too sexy for my shirt.

  5. Must say I had a bigger crush on Logan's partner and I wished HE would have played Logan!!

    I also remember I was very young when I saw it on tv and I couldn't understand English very well yet. I was with my big sister and I was always asking her what they said and she would always tell me to shut up!


  6. I had so many fantasies based on Logan's run, both sexual and sci-fi. It was the perfect movie.

  7. Opps...that post wasn't supposed to be posted until after I edited it. Corrections made.

  8. Sean,

    I never saw Logan's Run but I also had many fantasies in my youth. And here I thought I was the only one! I'm glad I had company.

  9. I get to join the chorus of praise for Logan's Run. I too loved it when it came out. Oddly, what I liked a lot was the music/soundtrack. Alas, for me, the movie now looks dated viz. for the 23rd century it looks quite groovy 70s.


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