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Disclaimer:  This is actually an iPhone 4s Kindle App review but that would make the title too long.  I was a devoted Kindle reader (and still luv it) until I downloaded the Kindle app to my iPhone 4s and The Cloud. There are fewer words per tap but it's just so easy to whip it out. (my iPhone you perves)

I have been infatuated with Ricky Martin since the first time I saw him. I was at JR's in DC, having a drink and a good time when the place suddenly grew quite. What was going on? As I looked around, I saw that everyone was fixated on the tv (much smaller than today's big flat screens) and there was Ricky Martin filling the screen and the airwaves. He was performing The Cup of Life. So electrifying, handsome and those hips, I, like most, was hooked.

Judging a book by its cover, Ricky is one of the most handsome men EVER, with a great physique and tons of talent but when you get past the cover (interviews and writings) you learn that he is also a very spiritual, compassionate, loving, hardworking and charitable man. Sigh! So I downloaded ME.

ME basically reinforces everything we knew (or at least what I knew) about Ricky and reveals little more. Of course, when ME came out in Nov 2010, so did Ricky - that was news then but this is now. Ricky gives us great insight as to what drives him as a human, his days in Manudo, his spirituality, his truth (that he is gay although he says homosexual) and becoming a father. His writing is repetitive but always interesting.

It could be very easy to hate or be extremely jealous of this man who seems to have been born under a lucky start but he comes across (as always) as very genuine, trusting of his instincts and thankful for his opportunities. He is quite clear that none of what he has accomplished has come without hard work, dedication and a price but he would't have it any other way.

ME is a nice read and was a much needed change from Steven King's 11/23/63 and Full Dark, No Stars and The Hunger Games series.


  1. I've heard from a few of his fellow "Evita" cast members that he is truly a lovely man. Down to Earth; funny; kind and generous. I hate his partner. :-)

  2. I was enthralled with his Grammy performance of La Copa De La Vida. I can't say as much for that Livin' la Vida Loca. Ick.

    But as he gets older, buffer and inkier, he is hotter, that is for sure.

  3. I also downloaded and read the book a while ago. As you noted, Ricky is repetitive in his narrative, but the read is enjoyable. He does come across as a very genuine human being, and I like him now as much for his soul as for his body. :)

  4. Honest comment here Sean, I don't see the attraction. Maybe it's because RM reminds me too much of Mark Balas of "DWTS." Different strokes for different folks huh? No doubt I have a man crush on someone that others don't see the attraction. I think Steve Carrell is hot. I think I'm alone on this one, right? :)

  5. Like Ricky, although I prefer Enrique, nice to hear about a genuine guy. ;)

  6. A minute here please. You state that " 2010 when Ricky Martin came out, it was news". Are you serious or were you one of 3 people in the world who was surprised at this and thought this was news? - Montana Cowboy

    Separately for RON - Steve Carrell can have that certain attraction, I've felt it myself. Years ago when on The Daily Show, he did a sketch going into a real gay bar in NY (pretending not to notice the clientele was gay) and did a strip tease on the bar. You'd have to find an old copy of this episode, but he was hot!

  7. Ron - I think Steve is very good looking and my tastes are all over the place. Steve's intelligence makes him even sexier. Although I enjoy the outside, I'm mostly and inside type of guy.

  8. Montana - I know what you're saying but it was news bc he confirmed it and did so in his own time and in a very classy way. It'll also be news when Anderson confirms it but until the person actually says it, it is a suspicion.

  9. Sean I appreciate the review. I had it on my list to read. Sounds like it would be an easy one to get through.


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