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Not too long ago there was a blog that featured TMI Questions (Too Much Information) on Tuesdays. The idea was to post your answers in the comments and if you had a blog you should/could use them as a post as well. It was fairly popular but unfortunately they stopped posting and so TMI Tuesday came to an end.

I loved TMI Tuesdays and have been reading some old posts and can't believe how candid I was and how similar my answers would be if asked today. With a fresh supply of questions, I'll be posting TMI Thursdays for the foreseeable future. I encourage you to post your own responses, post them on your blog and submit questions for future use.

1. Are you a shower or bath person?
I'm a shower person. The water temp cools too fast and I still don't feel clean unless I shower off the suds. The best bath I ever had was the one my soon to be fiancé had waiting for me when I returned from a vacation/tennis tournament that I had planned before we met. When I walked into my apartment, he had lit a path of rose petals with tea-light candles leading up the stairs to the bathtub where there were more rose petals, candles and champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on ice. There were almost 200 tea-lights! 

2. Alone or together?
Together in the shower is fun (especially in locker rooms) and is a great way to keep the romance burning but don't hop in with me when I'm getting ready for work. Tubs are usually too small.

3. Have you had sex in a hot tube? Did you know him/them?
Yes, several times but it depends on how you define sex. Kissing check. Groping check. Oral Check. Nip play - oh yeah. More than that and it's time to go back to the room or inside the house. Despite what you see in videos, certain things just don't work with that much water. Yes. No.  And no, no, no, no.

4. Have you gone skinny dipping? 
I love it. I have often gone at Jones Beach (Field 6 to the far left), The Outer Banks in NC at night, on Rhode Island at night (can't remember the beach), Cancun at night and a few assorted lakes and pools. It's such a freeing experience and you can "do things that scare fish". 
5. If you had a diary/journal, what would today's entry read?
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  1. I'm not a bath person. The water does cool too quickly and as a means of getting clean, I feel like I'm floating in my own dirt.

    But I'm a gall guy and most tubs make knees, feet or shoulders stick out of the water, exposing me to air and keeping me cold. No fun.

    I've taken showers with others, sure. No sex in hot tubs though.

    And I LOVE skinny dipping. Swimming naked feels so much different than even wearing the smallest of bathing suits.

  2. Wait a minute... your soon to be fiance? Seriously? I didn't even know you were dating. Tell us more!

  3. Lucky Fiance. You are a very handsome Man. Any pictures of you like to share with us. Maybe a bath tub scene or shower??


  4. Is this from the here and now, in that case tell us more!

    1. Shower, I'm too tall to get totally wet in a bath. Next to that getting in is not the problem, but getting out is.

    2. Together saves water, or so they say. Usually it takes more especially when all those extra activities take place, like bending over when the soap drops.

    3. No

    4. No

    5. La Cucina #16 - 3 [main] Ingredients [last in a seies of 4]

  5. Cubby - I wish I were dating but that engagement ended about 8 years ago. I was the one who bought the rings and got down on one knee in the restaurant (not a gay one) on Valentine's Day and I was the one who eventually broke it off.

  6. Ray - he was very lucky. I've very camera shy and have never been photographed in the shower or tub.

  7. Oh crap, I'm sorry Sean. I totally read that as being present-day, not years ago.

  8. anne marie in phillyApril 26, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    1. shower

    2. together is fun; these days it's all by myself. :(

    3. no; but I did sit on a jet for some self-love! WOO HOO! :)

    4. no

    5. and the daily clusterfuck continues

  9. 1. Bath, love to wallow.

    2. Alone, too selfish to share!

    3. No, but still hoping to.

    4. Yes, Cornwall and here at the local gay nudist beach (I know, in Catholic Spain!)

    5. Completed Sean's TMI of course!


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