Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Adam's debut is big news for two reasons: 1st He's NUMBER 1 which is a huge accomplishment for any performer; 2nd He's the first out performer to have a #1 album. Yes, there have been other gay artists who have had #1 albums but none of them reached #1 after coming out and they weren't in the early stages of their careers. Congratulations Adam!

I'm a fan and have been since first seeing him on American Idol and I'm really enjoying Trespassing. Rolling Stone likes it a lot too. Official numbers for the Top 200 Albums will be posted next week.

Also releasing a new album this week was Kris Allen, the oh so cute winner of American Idol who beat Adam on the show but has been a distant second to Adam on the charts.

Never Close Our Eyes - American Idol Performance


The first single off Thank You Camellia.


becca said...

Love both these boys and bought both albums but to be honest I feel Trespassing is way better then thank You Camilla and I am so happy to see that Adm made history today by debuting at #1 on the billboard 200 so excited about it

Blobby said...

Lambert posted one of the lowest sales of a #1 record ever in first week of release - 77,000. It is even.

His debut album even had first week sales of 198,000.

Yeah, he's a gay man at #1, but I'm guessing him, his manager, his accountant would rather he be a gay man at #3 with higher sales.

Sean said...

Yes, it's low but it's still #1 and if you really read the articles, buried deep down is the fact that his first release was just before Thanksgiving when album sales are their highest. What will really be telling is sales over the next few weeks.

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