Monday, May 7, 2012


Don't judge Bobby's by this pic of MY chicken sandwich
- focus instead on the unbelievably phenomenal
onion rings and intoxicating margarita.
Way back in November, 2011, my mom learned that Bobby Flay was opening a new style burger joint at the local mall, Roosevelt Field in Garden City. My mom had been undergoing chemo for lung cancer and anytime she expressed a desire to eat, no matter what, I would and still do my best to fulfill her wish.

We entered Bobby's Burger Palace and it looks more like an updated 50's diner than a palace but it was a good atmosphere with lot's of seating. When you walk in, the menu greets you as a huge billboard as you get in line. You place your order and they give you a number to put on your table after you've taken a seat. Your order is then promptly brought to you and on your table are several flavors of burger sauce and catsups.

I don't eat ground meat - never had and never will - hamburger, meatballs or turkey - so you'll have to believe my mom when she says the hamburger was great! Cooked just the way she ordered (med rare, light pink) and they have a color chart of five shades so you get just what you want. They have a selection of about 10 types of burgers and all can be CRUNCHIFIED (adding potato chips), each style can be made with chicken breast or turkey burger and there are salads. I get the grilled chicken breast with hot sauce, it's supposed to be Buffalo Style w/ blue cheese and watercress, and love it!

For sides you have the traditional french fries (very uninspired and ordinary), the G** DAMN best onion rings I have ever had and so addicting (they're beer battered and have a touch of sea salt that really makes the flavor sing) and then sweet potato fries which are pretty good.

Your beverage selection is really good. The $5.00 Frozen Cactus Pear Margarita w/Tequila is about the best frozen margarita I have ever had (and the cheapest) and one will get your buzz going, two and you better not be driving! If you're in the mode to ignore your diet, the Black and White Milk Shake is well worth it. A real trip back to the old days and be sure to get the (no additional cost) fresh made whipped cream. You can also get it malted! The drink selection is rounded out with a choice of sodas, several bottled beers ranging from Bud to speciality brews and wine by the glass.

A typical meal will cost about $15 per person, not much more than a typical mall lunch but so much better,  and there is no tipping. I'm almost embarrassed to admit to eating there over 20 times now and each time has been as good as the last. Always hot, fresh and fast. Usually I sit for a while and read. They have locations in DC, College Park, MD, Philly, and several throughout NJ.


  1. Those are SOME Onion Rings, let me tell you! One for you, one for Tramp and one for Miss Truvy. - Montana Cowboy

  2. What a great place, any chance they can open in California in time for September? ;)


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