Thursday, May 10, 2012


The first time I remember seeing him in was in 2002's Dahmer. I didn't think much of the movie then and still think it could have been better but I was riveted by his performance and impersonating Dahmer hid his good looks. He pretty much stayed off my radar - I didn't see any of his movies - until Mission Impossible 4 (which I didn't think I'd see but loved) and then this week in The Avengers.

There was tons of good-looking beef in both MI4 and The Avengers 
but for me, Jeremy was the sexiest! The man can wear a suit! and while he's more toned than muscled, they should have given his arms their own credits in The Avengers. I'll be the first to admit that Jeremy's looks are not classic and would never call him handsome but he is very attractive and very cute and very, very sexy. Oh, he's a good actor too, Oscar Nominee.

Penn the Vampire in Angel
The Hurt Locker

The Bourne Series

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocal 

Hawkeye in The Avengers
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anne marie in philly said...


(and thanks for the explanation of who jeremy is; smooches!)

Tim said...

Very nice indeed! ;)

Ray's Cowboy said...

Want to see the avengers


PS Sean hope you have a great weekend.

Blobby said...

He's all yours. I don't see the appeal myself. ....and that macrame top he's wearing a number of pictures up - UGH. :)

J.P. said...

I would be all over that in a heartbeat. Unbelievably handsome in his own way. Hot hot HOT.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can see the attraction. (B.T.W. Sean, I've got first dibbs!) I couldn't take my eyes off of him in 'The Hurt Locker' I loved his line of dialoge when he discovered much more explosives and wiring on a bomb he was diffusing: "..INTERESTING!" He's like an adorably cute puppy! (A pup with a great ass I might add). In the (mostly dreadful)film 'The Town', again, couldn't take my eyes off him, his character was the most effectively drawn of all the cast (and, a second Oscar nom.) If he ever gets married (to a woman), I'll be saddened. - Montana Cowboy

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