Friday, May 4, 2012


Most people know Perry King from the tv series Riptide or as the President in The Day After Tomorrow or maybe even remember him in The Lords of Flatbush (with Stallone and The Fonz) but I'll always remember him from the movie, A Different Story

A Different Story was about a homosexual woman who marries a gay male friend to prevent his deportation, but they soon fall in love. The first half of the movie grabbed my attention because of the ever so handsome and sexy Perry King and held it because he was gay! 
I clearly remember holding my breath as his character's "wife" (Meg Foster with the beautiful but weird eyes) comes home early and hears the shower running. She walks slowly into the bathroom, where the playful sounds and giggles of two grow louder and the outlines of two naked people can be seen through the shower door. She fears Perry has reverted to his gay ways and is showering with another man - I'm hoping and praying. She opens the door and there (in almost full naked glory) is Perry with another woman. I was crushed! But the images and possibilities were forever etched in my memory.
Perry has had a long and fairly successful career. He was always appearing in something somewhere and ever time I saw him, and to this day, I still remember him in that movie.

The man can wear a stach!
He's got the look - of the Village People.
Man-o-Man Mandingo!
It's the 70"s and Loni Anderson
Yes, I'll join you.
I don't know where this is from but I want to go there.
He is actually a hog enthusiast and spokesperson.
A Different Story
The Lords of Flatbush




Tim said...

Are you going to do one on Richard Chamberlain? ;)

Sean said...

He'd be a good choice but while I was aware of him, he didn't make an impact on me.

Queer Heaven said...

OMG! I has such a fuckin' crush on him also!
Damn, he still looks hot!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Still looking Hot.


Greg said...

Him and Joe Penny on Riptide, chasing the baddies while running around in their underwear. I remember that episode well....

Anonymous said...

Definately more lust than crush on Perry King. Thanks for including that shot from 'Mandingo'. The ONLY reason I watch that awful film is because of King (and that nude scene wherein I wish the D.P. used more light!)
Personally, my 'crush' (again, more lust than crush) was for Sam Elliot when he was young. AND..if you want to see another awful film that has both Sam Elliot and Perry King, try 'Aspen' from the 70's. B.T.W., did you ever see the episode of 'Will & Grace' that featured Perry King in a gay role as a 'daddy'? - Montana Cowboy

Sean said...

Cowboy - You're my daddy?
No but I'd like to be!
You ARE my daddy!!

Wonder Man said...

he is still hot

Wonder Man said...

he is still hot

Mike, Studio City said...

He lives here in our area. We have seen him several times. He looks just as good in person. My mom had a crush on him also.

Sean said...

Mike - your mom had better be very young ;) Now I feel old!

Rick said...

Wow, I loved this movie as well. Let's face it there weren't many films with gay characters at the time. I crushed hard myself. Foster's eye are wicked. Hasn't she played blind a couple of times in film or TV? And I know I have this copy of After Dark somewhere.
Thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Perry King is very handsome with the most stunning nose Ihave ever seen and that is why I have a crush on him

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