Thursday, May 3, 2012


 1. Who would you switch positions
(top or btw) to be with?

Jeffry Hunter
Ben Cohen

Rod Taylor


Cpt. Jack
And this guy.

2. Who would your rather -
your last ex or the last guy you had sex with?

The last guy. I loved my ex but he wasn't ummm...very exciting or creative.

3. What was the last thing
that made you scream?
The bitch that almost hit me while texting!

4. How ticklish are you and what is your most ticklish area?
I can be very ticklish anywhere and react almost violently. One FB had a tickle fetish and would tickle me for over an hour with various techniques and accoutrements. He was especially fond of feet but got the best reactions from just above my ribcage.

5. What part of your body 
would you enter in a "best" competition?
My eyes.

I'd love it if you posted your own responses, 
posted them on your blog and/or submitted questions for future use.


Blobby said...

The Rock? Aaron Eckhart? Henry Rollins? Travis Hafner? I suppose they'd be on my short list.

Do you know how long it's been since I've HAD an ex? I can't answer this question without some therapy on long term memory.

Don't remember last time I screamed - unless it was at somebody - probably while driving.

Feet are very ticklish.

Best body part: my calves. How sad is that?

cum.lover said...

TMI. Thursday, 5.3.12. Please answer @ your blog!

Q. Have you ever had sex with a neighbor?

A. Yes, quite often, & for a couple of years now. My next-door neighbor is an early thirties ER MD. He is married, is hot, & has a pre-K child. He sometimes comes home for lunch, &, if his wife isn't there~serendipity!~, he'll as likely as not pop over for a nooner, so to speak. Ditto that SOP at other times of day & night. My neighbor's & my liaisons are little secrets that we keep from the whole world & especially from his wife & child.

Sean said...

Blobby - not as sad as you think :

Sean said...

Lover - good question and better anwer. I'll be sure to use it. Thanks!

Blobby said...

that tumblr page is just sad

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