Wednesday, June 6, 2012


HAPPY PRIDE! This is a month to celebrate who we are, where we've come from and how far we have to go. It's a month to be with friends and family and to keep and remember throughout the year.

Inspired by Kelly's Annual Pride Post,  I will be posting a song to start each day with Pride! I'll need suggestions as I only have about 16 now. 


becca said...

love that song by Ricky Martin one of my favorites

Kelly said...

again thanks for posting the picture... here are a few off top of my head that others may have already suggested...

Pink- Fucking Perfect
Christina A.- Beautiful
Pink- Raise Your Glass (?)
Diana Ross- I'm coming out
RuPual-Super Model
Weather Girls and or RuPaul-It's Raining Men
Olivia Newton John-Let's Get Physical
Any song from Deborah Cox
-Let's get soaking wet
-the song from Queer Eye for the Straight guy
-pull the Queer as Folk soundtrack for ideas
Cyndi Lauper (of course)
Mary J-No More Drama (?)
-there has to be one from Whitney
_there has to be one from Janet
-Lady Gaga

Okay, that was my half awake, now have to shower and get to work, running late... I will think of others I am sure... email me what you have and I love the Ricky Martin (man and this song)

Sean said...

Kelly - thanks for all the suggestions.

Kelly said...

I have thought of a couple more...

anything village people
culture club
Bette Midler
Judy Garland

Hope you have enough for the month!!

Tim said...

For a suggestion:

He was a friend of mine - Willie Nelson, Brokeback Mountain version.

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