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I had no ideas about the rumors but it seems like I was one of the few. E! News fired longtime gossip columnist Ted Casablanca for unspecified reasons. Most seem to think it's because he accidentally/on purpose maybe outed Academy Award Nominee and Avengers, Mission Impossible and Hurt Locker star, Jeremy Renner. Others think E! is using this as an excuse to cut Ted and his high salary.

I have reposted Ted's Blind Item, the alleged outing is in the second paragraph where Jeremy is used instead of Freddie. Most of the comments on the various gossip sites also say that rumors really began flying on the set of MI 4 and connected Jeremy to Tom Cruise.

Ted Casablanca
I really wish all these stars would come out together ending all the speculations and saving many lives in the process. I was very happy when Anderson confirmed that he has always been gay but after reading so many blog posts, I started to get a bit angry. And not just at him but with many of the public figures who've come out but sited privacy as their main reason. Liars. You're out, state the same truth that we all face, "I feared for my career, " "I feared for my home," "I feared rejection of my family and friends," "I feared for my life and safer."

I don't think anyone should be outed until they are ready, unless they are harming the gay community. If Jeremy is gay, I hope he can come to peace with it and if not, then people should leave him alone.

and here.
Blind Vice: Double Devious Doings!
Oh, what a tangled website we weave, when at first we practice to deceive. That's what one of those crusty writer guys said, right?OK, maybe not exactly, but conniving, breasty Harriet Talons sure had that in mind when she backstabbed so many people on her current hit show, her own network's New York website is currently weighing whether or not to write a scathing exposé on Harriet's behind-the-scenes shenanigans—they're that damn impressive.Back in Hollywood, but equally as stealth—and to far more sexy results—would be an Oscar-nominated star's party behavior. Want to hear what Freddie Friction picked up along with his cocktail? A date!And it's weird on so many levels: Just like Harriet, who tells the world constantly (mostly in women's magazines) how down-to-earth and shy and humble she is, Jeremy's been busy spinning a similar ersatz media presence. For instance, he often talks about how "straight" he is. Like, a lot.Isn't it fascinating how very unlike Crescent Cumquat and Topher Hairy-Tuchus—who often depend on extravagant online shenanigans to hook up with guys they fancy—Freddie is. He just asked a guy home at a recent N.Y. party! Right in front of everybody!And even though the party dude who Freddie asked back to his place was completely shocked, he did manage to say yes, in case you were wondering.Yeah, maybe it was kinda stupid for Freddie (who we hear is a tad on the old-fashioned side) to let this all go down in the open, but hey, makes more sense than Craigslist, huh? Less of a trail…I think Freddie's gonna be a crafty one, just like Harriet. In fact, I'm sure of it!AND IT AIN'T: Felicity Huffman and Chord OverstreetJoan Rivers and Zac EfronBetty White and Robert Pattinson


  1. Jeremy has consistently denied all rumors and has publicly proclaimed himself straight several times. I tend to believe him, most;y because he isn't a Scientologist.

  2. Jeremy and Tom would make a great Hollywood power couple.

  3. Renner had a hissy fit shortly after this Blind Item appeared when her foot stomped that he was straight.
    Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  4. Oh, he even points his gun like a girl.

  5. Bob - how did I miss this?

  6. It's up to each individual to decide how they want to live their life; no one else has a say in it (with the caveat of, so long as they're not hurting anyone else). And Jeremy Renner has done nothing to hurt the gay community, like so many closet GOP queens. Speculation and gossip like this do more damage to the community than make things better. If the guy says he's straight, why wold anyone care he's not? There's t like he's ever gonna fuck any of you, and all you do is come across as a bitter fruit.

  7. i hope he's gay...and frequents the sleazy haunts i do. he would be a nice meal. meow!

  8. He and Tom Cruise had awesome chemistry in Mission Impossible - just saying...

  9. Frankly, I've always thought Casablanca was a little sleazy. Renner, while undeniably sexy, has far more class.


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