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***Sorry this is late but I scheduled it on the wrong date.


1. Crush - Mr. Grasso was my 7th grade teacher and my first male teacher. It was 1978 and he looked like many 30ish gay men of the time in style and with a porn stache. I didn't understand it then but I knew his bread was buttered on the other side and that made him even more special to me. He was an engaging teacher and my crush on him only made me work that much harder. When he left in the middle of the year, (to take his mother to FL) I was crushed but quickly recovered when I saw Mr. Gallager. I'm sure he buttered his bread the "not so special" way but he was HOT! Handsome rather then attractive (like Mr. Grasso) and a full beard. What he lacked in experience and sexual orientation, he made up for in enthusiasm. I kept my grades up but school had lost the spark Mr. Grasso ignited.

2. Wet Dream - I was a late bloomer and didn't have my first wet dream until I was almost 15. I remember less then one dream a month and can count the all the wet dreams I remember on my fingers - no toes or dick needed. Fortunately, evidence has told me that I have had quite a lot more wet dreams then I remember. My first dream I do remember. It was of my friend's brother who had a great, great body and wore a speedo. In the dream, he was swimming and I was watching him. When he climbed out of the pool (a la Channel #5), I popped!

3. Kiss - The first kiss I remember was the one I gave to the girl (not girlfriend) that I took to the Jr Prom. It was a nice kiss on the lips, no tongue, that lasted about 10 seconds, as I dropped her off at her doorstep that morning. 

My first kiss of love was with David. He was a new manager that I was in charge of training. The sparks between us were like the 4th of July in DC but I was "straight" and he didn't know what to think. On his final night of training we were saying goodnight and he was shaking my hand, thanking me, when he just pulled me into him and kissed me. I didn't pull away and when he went to part my lips with his tongue, they opened. My mouth was flooded the taste of Marlboros (I'll never turn a smoker down because of this). We continued kissing long into the night, into his bed and into the morning. It lasted a month but David proved what I always knew but feared - I loved men.

4. Love - It was a small nightclub in DC on the second floor on July 3rd, 1996. I hadn't wanted to go but my friend wanted to go out and needed a ride. Ross walked in and that was it. Our eyes locked. I quickly turned away, my knees had gone weak and I couldn't breath. I stole glances at him for the next hour, sure he didn't know I existed and that he was straight because he was with a girl! Finally, my friend convinced me to walk towards him as he sat with his drink. He was staring into me and with a flash of a smile, a wink (he is such a good winker) of his eye, he patted the seat next to him and I sat next to him for the next 3 years. 

5. Sexual Encounter - I had just won the St. John's freshmen tennis tournament and was in the showers. I thought I was alone, the loser and had stormed off and it wasn't like we had played in front of anyone, and I was celebrating a little bit. I had my back to the entrance and didn't know I had been joined until he embraced me from behind. As he rubbed against me I was lost in feeling another man and in having a man feel me. He reached down and began stroking me. I reached back and held the first cock that wasn't my own. I shot immediately and then I bolted. I was excited, confused,  relieved and panicked. I did manage to look back and see him - handsome, over 30 with dark hair and a hairy chest. I wish I had stayed.

Love at First Sight - Yes. Every man I have fallen in love with - David, Ross, Cor, Troy and Peter - I knew at first sight. 


  1. I'd normally pick a favourite but with this set, I love ALL of your stories. Thank you for sharing!

  2. 1. I don't I can narrow it to first. Scott Beck? (me 13, him 22). Tiger Gibbs (same age range)? But most memorable was Jeff Peterson. He was dating my sister and I had such a love of him. At least I was 17 and him 21. But man....dreamy!

    2. I'm thinking around 13 was my first. I don't remember much, but I can count on one hand how many I've had in my life.

    3. First kiss was a girl. I think I was 16 when I kissed a man. Not a boy, but a man. It threw me, more than actual sex.

    4. Love? What I thought was love really wasn't. I hate to say it, my current partner was the first true love of my mind.

    5. I was 15. He was of age - and then some. It was in a park not far from where I lived. He guided me through a few things that left me confused, excited, feeling dirty, and very unsure of myself.

    6. I don't know about love at first site, though maybe w my partner. But I have fallen in lust at first site many times......just this last month.

  3. Very Interesting post! I may have to steal this.

    Oh, and just so you know, I have never had a wet dream.

  4. good blog thanks


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