Friday, August 24, 2012


1. What is your plan for a good first date? 
To be asked out for one! It's been years since I've been on a date and even longer since I've had a first date. The last time I planned it, I picked him up around 6 pm and we went for a short bike ride passing the Lincoln Memorial and crossing the Memorial bridge to bike along the Potomac River to a small park at the end of the National Airport runway. We picked a spot and I laid out a sheet, candle, wine, and chinese food containers filled with cheese (for him) crackers, fruit and homemade brownies. We talked and watched the planes takeoff. The romance never did.

2. Where do you go looking for dates, not hookups? Do you even date?  
I've tried online dating but they never lead to romance. I've been most successful when out in clubs and bars or sporting activities like tennis and biking and our eyes lock. The dates and relationships have all  come post sex.  

3. Sex on the first date?
Did you read my answer to #2? The exception was my first ltr - it's a great first meeting but too long to go into now. We did spend 6 hours making out (and all but) in the back of my 1 day old Jeep Grand Cherokee.

4. For those married or in a LTR, do you have Date Nights?
When I was engaged, in my last relationship, I brought him flowers every Friday and we had one extra special night or weekend once a month.

5. Have you ever been set up on a blind date? How'd it go?
I've met dates through friends or at a friend's party but was never set up on a blind date.


Describe your best or worst first date. 
I guess my best first date was also my worst and it was my first date ever. We had eyed each other in Lambda Rising Bookstore. He followed me outside where I lingered to see if he would follow. He did. He suggested we have a drink during which he asked me out for the following Friday. I said yes, but was very conflicted (why later). I picked him up at his house, we had a drink and then went to see the movie, The Paper (I know Blobby). I was so nervous but he was nice and I guess I had a bit of an agenda making my first date ever a success. 
I don't recall anything special or exciting about the date or him. He name was Doug, and he was a cute, slightly older blond. As I drove us back to his place (we both had work in the morning) there was no doubt I would becoming in for a few minutes. Well, that few minutes turned into an all night make-out session that left us both covered in hickies and my face red with beard burn (I wanted to go-all-the-way) and me just enough time to get home to shower and change for work.
It was my best because it was my first. It was my worst because he never called me back and this kept me from dating and coming out for more than another year. The conflict? The date was on Good Friday. Yes, if I'm going to go to hell, this will be the reason. That and the fact that I got extra turned on when I saw the picture of him and his identical twin brother the minister. Only he was the minister! Bonus Hell Points! 
Epilog: I had to work the entire day by myself as my assistant had a sudden death in the family. I set the sales record for a single day in the store's history including Christmas! Working all day and night meant that I had to pickup my Aunt at 12 am to drive up to NY. She knew I was tired, my head kept bobbing, and made us stop many times. We finally got to my grandmother's house were she made me come in (I begged to come back later) greeted my grandmother at 7am on Easter Sunday morning, hickies hidden under a collared shirt - barely. Like I said - HELL. 

Sorry this is late but I've had a very nasty gastrointestinal virus all week - I'm > close to my goal weight! 

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  1. Re: #1

    I have tickets to the theater. Would you like to join me? ;-)


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