Thursday, August 2, 2012



1. How would you like to die?
- In some spectacular fashion - hit by a meteorite, in a place crash, something from Final Destination.

How don't you want to die?
- I don't want to burn! Nor do I want it to be slow and linger. I've been hours away from death once and in extreme pain, I don't want to go through that again.

2. Do you want to go before or after your spouse?
- If I ever have a spouse again, I'd go last. I have thought that if I went before my doggies, I'd want them to join me.

3. Have you planned your wake or funeral? 

 - I think wakes and funerals are for the living so I have no desires or plans that need to be followed. My friends and family can do what ever will give them the most comfort.

4. How do you want your body laid to rest?

- I would like my body donated to science but my family is horrified by this so if I go before my parents, then I want to be cremated and they can either keep or spread my ashes. I do not want to be buried.

5. What do you think happens to you after you die?

- I think our bodies are recycled into the universe and that our energy or spirit lives on in those we knew in life. If there is a "heaven" then I have lived a life worthy of a spot. If there isn't then I have lived a worthy life.

If you died today but could be frozen and brought back in 100 years, would you?

- HELL YES! I'd like to come back for like a month or year like David's mother in A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I'd love seeing the advances, wee how the culture wars played out and answering so many questions we still have. If the world survives, I'd only be brought back to something better than we have now, if the world has gone in the toilet, then I'd obviously not be brought back.


  1. You're a hell of a man, Sean. Love your answers.

  2. 1. I'm good with in my sleep - just drifting off, no pain.
    I'm not big on fire. Or drowning.
    2. I've written about this often - I'd want to go first
    3. I haven't given much though to a wake. No funeral though. I'd rather it be a party than a solemn event.
    4. Donated the vessel to science. No burial.
    5. I think nothing happens. No evidence to suppor that something does, but IF it does, I want to be hopping cloud to cloud with my pets.
    6. I share a name with the "father of cryogenics". I'll let him take that up. If I'm not back with the one I love, I'd just be reanimated and alone. No thanks.

  3. I think David's mother in AI only came back til the end of the one day. He went to sleep with her and we are left to wonder if he shut down forever - which I want to believe.


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