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1. Worst experience you ever had in a car? (not including accidents)
 -  My friends had missed their 11 pm flight from NY to VA so I offered to drive them. We left at 11:45 Friday night and I drove the entire way finally arriving at 9:05 Saturday morning for a 265 mile trip. We hit traffic, we got lost several times (this was in 1989 before GPS, cell phones and the ability to read maps that we didn't think to bring/buy) and at one point we actually got turned around and drove 50 miles north instead of south. We had to drive back on Sunday morning.

2. Driver or navigator?

  - I do the driving. See above.

3. Planes, trains or automobiles?
  - When I drive I like to get there in the best possible time and hate to stop or take side trips. Planes for traveling are fine - I fall asleep instantly and for the entire flight every time but hate the security shit. I've been very lucky on trains. Very, very lucky. Trains!

4. Best road trip?
  - I was with my then BF and two other friends having a great time in the Outer Banks of NC when we were forced to evacuate because of a hurricane. It was a pressure filled race to stay ahead of the storm but it was thrilling and we had surprisingly little traffic. We made it past Newport News, VA about 45 mins before the roads were shut due to flooding. My friends made sandwiches as we drove, only daring to stop for gas, and we sang songs and played car games. It could have been a D.I.A.S.T.E.R. but looking back it really was a great trip.

5. What's the farthest you've gone in a car? Sex, not distance.

  - I've done more in a car than most do in a bedroom. Thank you Jeep Grand Cherokee with fold down rear seats! One time, not at band camp, this guy and I were re-enacting the scene from AIRPLANE where Elaine activates the Auto-pilot (I was the Auto-pilot) when someone knocked on my window. I activated him and then the three of us folded down the backseat.

What kind of car do you drive? What kind do you dream of?

  - I don't dream anymore. Ten years ago I made my dream a reality and reality has been much better than the dream ever was. (Except in the dream I had washboard abs)

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  1. 1. The most recent one is driving from Orange County to Los Angeles. 57 miles. It took over 3 hours. Jam packed freeway (the 405) and no way to get off - and I REALLY had to go # 2, but didn't want to try to get off and back on. I held it for 2 hours. Ick.

    2. I'm like my mother, I prefer to drive. I'm not sure I've ever seen my father drive if my mother was with him.

    3. I'm adept at all three, since I travel so much for work. All have their benefits and failures. Years later, and I still love the car.

    4. Friends, Jon and Aaron and I decided to go to Memphis on a whim. Little money and lots of laughs, we drove 9 hours each way for a day stay. Not really worth it, but they were fun,

    5. Like the Raspberries sang: "all the way". Not while it was moving. I've done other things while it was moving - but I wasn't driving.

    6. Currently drive an Infiniti G37x. Nice car, but too grown-up for me. I feel like a dad. I don't have a dream car per se. A '66 Mustang convertible would be fun though.


  2. Ok... Imma need WAY more details on the knock on window three way. Seriously. Details.


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