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1. eBooks or real books? If an eBook: Kindle, Nook or other?
  • Kindle. I have the original from several years ago. I love it for two very big reasons. First, I can increase the font size and Second, it is easier to read in direct sunlight than a book.
2. Which book are  you currently reading?
  • The Talisman by Steven King and Richard Straub. I read it when I was in High School and loved it but find that I don't remember much of it. It's about a 12 year old boy who must travel between worlds to save his mother. I'm rereading it mostly because I recently learned of its sequel/continuation - Black House but find the parallel of taking care of my mom is adding a new detention to the story. The Talisman is one of King's best books and one of the only not to have been made into a movie or mini-series.
3. How many books have you read in 2012? How has reading blogs, FB, and/or tweeting affected your book reading?
  • I think it's about 30! I have been really bad about reviewing them and 14 of them were the Sookie Stackhouse series on which the True Blood series - is increasingly - loosely based. Other then the main characters, the two are absolutely nothing alike. 
  • I don't do FR or Twitter but I do read tons of blogs, usually while watching tv so they don't interfere with my book reading. However, my book reading is dependent on getting out of the house and reading at the beach, in Starbucks, at lunch, at the doctor's office or while on the train or subway. If I stay home I do get distracted by the computer or other things.
4. What genre(s) of book do you enjoy reading?
  • I read mostly fiction such as horror and scifi, mixed with biographies, political and science.
5. Have you read the Kama Sutra or The Joy of Sex? Helpful?
  • I've never read the Kama Sutra but I used to hide in the book stores reading/looking at The Joy of Sex until I saw The Gay Joy of Sex. I should probably read them again but at the time it just "pointed" me in the (di)erection of my emerging feelings.
What was the first erotic novel you read that matched your sexual orientation? 

  • My first book was one of my mom's Judy Bloom novels. I don't remember what it was exactly but I came across a gayish love scene and read the entire book hoping for more. 
  • My first novel was Gordon Merrik's The Lord Won't Mind. I was in my public library when my eyes fixated on the paperback's cover on the spinning rack. I didn't know what the book was about but the artwork of a beautiful blond man was more than enough to tell me I needed to read the book. Years later, I reread the entire series. Good fun, light summer reading. It was interesting to see how much had changed gay life had change in 20+ year but had also remained the same.
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  1. 1. I still prefer the physical book. The feel, the smell, the turning of the page. Granted, I have never attempted an e-reader, so I don't have a true comparison.

    2. I'm between books. Was reading three simultaneously, but not sure what to read now.

    3. Reading blogs hasn't affected my true reading. Work travel has. That is where physical books hurt me - carrying those plane to plane. So I don't do it. I think I've only read 4-5 books this year.

    4. I'm big on history, political science and biographies. Novels are ok, but I find it more difficult to find their rhythm and get into them.

    5. I have read neither of those books. I have scanned "Everything You Wanted Know About Sex". It wasn't everything I wanted to know.

    6. I've never read one - but my former neighbor used to write gay men's romance novels. I should pick one up of his.

  2. I joined you and filled in the questions on my blog.

  3. I didn't join you this week for the simple reason that I'm illiterate.

    When I was younger I used to be able to read, and my first gay novel was "Gangbang Bikers". Needless to say I adopted it as my personal bible and have conducted my life in adherence to its mantra of seducing/raping unsuspecting straight Harley riders and recruiting them into our fabulous gangbang lifestyle.

  4. Nook, working on 48th ebook so far for the year.

  5. The trailer for the best movie never made:


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