Friday, August 31, 2012


1. Do you wear underwear or do you freeball? Why or why not? I almost always wear, not because I don't enjoy it, because I do, but it's  a hygiene thing. If I freeball then I have to wash my pants or sheets right away. And don't get me started on sitting around the house. 

2. What's your style? Boxers, briefs, thongs, panties? I started wearing boxer briefs when they first came out and haven't looked back. I like the way they feel and the way I look in them.

3. Colors, patterns, superheros, etc? I like darker colors - so much easier to wash and keep clean plus darker colors are more slimming. I did have a few fun pairs of Ginch Gonch but I've since worn them out. 

4. If and when you're living together, do you match or not? Is laundry a consideration? I'm not the matchy, matchy type. With one bf we had different tastes in style and brands so it wasn't an issue. With the last one, we both wore the same style and brand but different sizes. It was too much of a hassle at laundry time so I, being the more flexible one (in more ways than one) and the one who did the laundry, changed brands.

5. Is there anything as sexy as a classic brief tan line on a bubble butt? NO! Although, as a child of 80's porn, I'm not sure I had much choice in the matter. Pearly white bubble butts framed by sun bronzed skin have been forever burned into my fantasies and reality.

How much of an exhibitionist are you? Send me your photo and I'll post them with Thursday's Answers. (you can be anonymous or not) I'm not an exhibitionist by any means so you won't be seeing my underwear clad butt here but I am a hardcore voyeur which is why I wanted pics of you guys in your undies and two of you were kind enough and enough of an exhibitionist to send them in.

Kelly of Rambling along in life...

Blobby of Blobby's Blog


anne marie in philly said...

kelly and blobby - 2 handsome dudes letting it alllll hang out! WOO HOO!

Blobby said...

1. 95% of the time, I wear underwear. I don't mind freeballing, but you know, people stare!

2. Boxer-briefs mostly. I still have a few pair of briefs and a few of just boxers, but I rarely wear them.

3. I tend to stay away from white anymore. I have normally singular coloured boxer-briefs, though some have variation.

4. We do not match. Not the same colours, not the same brands or styles. It makes separating laundry easier too.

5. Yes, a well packed jock strap is sexier. Just sayin'....

6. Done and done. ...and NOTHING is hanging out...let alone all of it.

Anonymous said...

1. That depends on what I'm wearing and who I'm with. At work underwear yes, if I'm in a kilt outside of work then its regimental fashion all the way. I'll occasionally go comando in jeans and shorts on the weekend.

2. I prefer string bikini but definitely bikini, boxers on a very rare occasion.

3. Colours for the most part a few patterns and white from time to time.

4. No matching here his are almost exclusively black y-fronts. Laundry then is no problem.

5. Yeah that is always a classic.

Wonder Man said...

kelly and blobby- Hot

Stan said...

I agree both men are sexy! Where are men like this hiding? LOL! Thanks to both for sharing!

Ur-spo said...

I appreciated the photos of Kelly and Blobby

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