Friday, September 14, 2012


NBC has aired the first two episodes of The New Normal this week and seem to be giving it a lot of exposure. YEAH! Especially since it's on the Million Mom's hit list. The show did well it's first night, being seen by 7 million households for a 2.5% share. They also aired an episode after the Olympics.

I was not impressed by the pilot. I was put off by the overly stereotypical characters and way too similar  to Will and Grace characters. Also, Bryan's (played by the super cute Andrew Rannells) reason for wanting a child was way too superficial -- he wanted to dress it. But I loved it when the little girl, Shania, unfriended her Nana (Ellen Barkin). I wasn't sure why or how David and Bryan ever became a couple because they are soooo different but they have two scenes in bed and kiss on the lips so points for that.

So basically:

  • David (Justin Bartha) is Will - a straight acting, sports loving, doctor who didn't come out until he finished med school and met Bryan.
  • Bryan (Andrew Rannells) is Jack, very flamboyant, quick witted, fashion and pop culture, and super gay.
  • Nana/Jana (Ellen Barkin) is Karen, a cross between Archie Bunker and Lisa Campanella. No one is as good as she is and she's not racist or bigoted because "only the gays could keep her looking so good. 
  • Goldi (Georgia King) is Grace but without the self absorption. She's kinda pure of heart and wants to create a better life for her daughter by finally striking out on her own by earning her money by being David and Bryan's surrogate.
  • Shania (Bebe Wood) is a new character and is a show stealer. She marches to her own beat and loves her mother and just rolls here eyes at her Nana.
  • Rocky (NeNe Leaks) is Rosario, and is basically the same as her character on Glee (it is a Ryan Murphy show) which is fine because she does it well and has just enough screen time.
The second episode was a vast improvement and guarantees that I'll be watching (and so will you) for the first run half of the season at least. How can you not when after Shania (the little girl) spends the entire episode dressed and speaking (brilliantly!!) as Little Edie of Grey Gardens after she watches the documentary. I was dying!

Bryan (the gayer one) completely warms up to Shania and is so good with her - they have wonderful chemistry. We get a flash back (which I think there'll be a lot of) of how David and Bryan met and it is very sweet and heartfelt and totally believable. So other things happen and they do get pregnant. 

Overall, keeping in mind that this is a sitcom, it can be forgiven for some things. After seeing the second show, I think character development will continue and the foundation of a solid show has been laid. Fingers crossed!


  1. I agree completely. EP 2 was much better than EP 1, thanks in large part to the appearance of Mini Little Edie.
    That was brazilliant.

  2. I watched the show and continue to wonder why creators/writers of shows like this think we all want kids and want to model our relationships after straight people? This is when I gave up Brothers and Sisters.

  3. i'm 50/50 on this only because I was spoiled by the web series Husbands. hoping maybe i'll like it more as the season goes on.

    Come Say HI

  4. I was also not impressed with the pilot, but I assume its harder edges and offensive humor was to give viewers a taste of what we would get in smaller bits later. The second episode was great, and it did make me want to continue watching. Also, Shania was WONDERFUL as Little Edie!


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