Thursday, September 27, 2012


1. Are you a cheap date?
No. That's not to say I'm not cheap, it's just that I usually only have one drink or none (as you read on you'll see why). I really only drink when dancing or at parties and never if there is the possibility of driving.

2. What is your favorite drink? (you can have different ones for different occasions)
Truthfully, I'd rather have a milkshake but I must have a frozen, strawberry, no-salt margarita whenever I have chicken fajitas. Alcohol does make me much more social (handy when dancing or on the prowl). 

3. Worst experience?
I had just learned I didn't get the promotion I had worked my ass off for for nine months and truly earned and deserved. My friend took me out (DuPont Circle, DC) and we decided to do a bar crawl. We started with tequila shots, then cosmos at DIK and JR's where we bumped into my new boss just as the alcohol had started to work it's way into our hands, lips and libidos. We don't remember much after that except waking up together. We had been friends for seven years and this night didn't change that. I do remember how intoxicatingly soft and exquisite his skin was to touch (he's Vietnamese). But the absolute worst part??? And this it the first time I have ever spoken of this, we were kicked out of MR. P's! I'm so embarrassed. 
4. Beer goggles?
I don't like beer. I know, bad Irishman, very bad. Alcohol Goggles? Thank god for those! I my the best sex of my life (and for the next six months) and my ex-fiancee thanks to those babies.

5. Whats the funniest thing you've done while drinking?
Cartwheels down the boardwalk at midnight in my white boxers in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Ever drunk dial?
Sort of. It was about a month after my first love and I broke up. He refused to speak with me. My friend Shaun had convinced me to go to Badlands with him and the one drink I had hit me really hard. I started getting upset and missing Ross but instead of calling him, I left the club and walked to what was our apartment a few blocks away. The door buzzer was connected to the answering machine so when he didn't pick up I just started pouring my heart out on how much I missed him and loved him and just wanted to have him in my life to the answering machine. I never asked him to take me back or anything ( I have my pride), just to start talking to me again. I know this because he played me the message. Obviously it worked because he called me when he got home that night but it wasn't soon enough to stop my complete breakdown into to tears and unconsolable sobbing (rather loudly too) and wailing in Teaism. My friend Shaun was so great and really took care of me that night. He got me home and  I finally cried my self to sleep after about 4 hours. I remember most of it and am actually grateful for that night because it proved to me that I really was in love with him. We're still friends 14 years later.


  1. I want the guy in the pix! the way he licks that bottle...

  2. When Greg and I were at Dupont Circle with Anne Marie the other day we were on the hunt for DIK. I thought it was either on the circle or just off. We couldn't find it. I looked at the map when we got home and saw we were no where near it. Someday we are going to make it there and when we do I'll be thinking of you, crawling ;-)

  3. DIK is DuPont Italian Kitchen and the bar is above the restaurant which is on the corner of 17th St across from Safeway. It's small, runs an older crowd with a mix drifting in and out.

  4. The surly waiters at DIK don't seem to like having to wait on homos. ...and the food is marginal.

    Now, onto the survey.

    1.No. I've spent a lifetime of building up tolerance to alcohol. Actually, I am easy to get drunk anymore, but also know now when to say when.

    2. I like beer, wine and tequila. That's it.

    3. There was a situation w tequila, food, a subway ride to Brooklyn and making it to the platform before hurling. Do you want MORE details?

    4. Oh yes. The sidewalk sale outside of most gay bars after closing has led me to questionable choices.

    5. I've been told I saw a young asian girl while standing at a crosswalk, leaning down and saying "herro". There's no video proof this happened.

    6. Perhaps when I was younger and drunker. I don't remember.


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