Thursday, September 6, 2012


1. Do you still go to the movies? Why or Why not.
Yes, although I will only go to bargain matinees for the low price and the smaller audience. Matinees have less talking and almost no smart phones - I hate seeing the screen light. Also, I hate 3D. I don't "get" the experience and the glasses really annoy me. Prometheus is a good example. I didn't have the 2D option and took the glasses off 14 mins into the movie. There was almost no 3D enhancement and what was in 3D was mostly background images that were just a little blurry. 

2. Would you go by yourself?
If I waited to see a movie with someone, I'd never see a movie. As an older man, I do think twice about seeing animated (kids) movies by myself but I don't let it stop me. I just leave the trench coat, baseball cap and sunglasses in the car. 

3. What was the last movie you saw? Recent recommendation?
I nodded off during the previews when I went to see Batman and missed the first two hours. I didn't like what I saw (Manhattan after 5 months would have had trash everywhere, burning cars blocking the street and probably a lot of dead bodies. Every see the city two days into a garbage strike?) so I'll recommend The Avengers. You don't have to have seen any of the other movies to enjoy it and I loved Jeremy Renner.

4. Snacks: Buy, Bring or Boycott?
I mostly boycott - it's price gouging pure and simple. I do buy the hot pretzel nuggets because there are priced right but I bring my own soda or water and I'll get my candy at CVS. I do miss the popcorn but since they stopped popping it on site, I don't want it any more. On numerous occasions, I have brought in my lunch. When I would got to the .99 cent theater in Georgetown after work, I would bring in Chinese - I once had to bribe someone with a spring roll who decided to sit one seat away from me in an almost empty theater!

5. Teenagers used to go to the movies to make out. Have you ever and if so, when was the last time?
When I first came out I did. It was sort of a bucket list item. If and when I have a bf again, I'd love to go to a drive thru movie with him and totally run the bases and swing for a home run!

6. Have you ever gone to an adult movie theater? Did you pull a Pee Wee Herman?
Several times. On 8th street in NYC and in Worcester, MA,  when I was in grad school. And yes, I did a Pee-Wee and got some head more than once but was never caught or stopped and I did go home with someone a few times too.


Which all-time favorite movie would you pay to see on the big screen again? Of course cell phones, babies, and assholes are banned.
I got to see Gone With the Wind and all the original Star Wars at the Uptown Theater (one of the best theaters in the country) in DC and also Rear Window. Seeing old movies like this is an event because of the screen and because the people who go are mostly true fans which greatly enhances the experience. Someone said they wanted to see Rocky Horror and I totally agree but the first movie that popped into my head was Steal Magnolias.


  1. just curious, but when did you live in dc? I was down there from 79-99 in the VA burbs.

  2. anne marie - from 93 through 2007. I was mostly all over NOVA (northern VA) but lived in DC from 2003-2007. I was a retail District Manager and at one time covered all of VA, DC, MD, and DE. My last job had me in DC, CH, NY and AT.

  3. Haven't been to a theatre to see a movie in years.
    Saw Rocky Horror when it first came out in the late 70's and that was fun.
    I'd definitely go to the movies with you.

  4. 1. Yes. I have a yearly goal of 1 movie per month. In the last 5 years I've only reached that goal once. But other times I've come very close.

    2. I guess I could go by myself, but I don't. I like to discuss the film w someone who has also seen it.

    3. "Imposter". It was good. Not great. I haven't seen a movie lately that I feel others MUST see.

    4. I usually buy - a bottle or water and possibly some Milk Duds.

    5. I've NEVER made out at the movies. Ever. I did feel up one guy I was dating when we saw 'Top Gun' way back when. But there was a lot to feel.

    6. Ironically, the first adult theater I went to was in Sarasota, FL, where years later Pee Wee would get busted. It was a straight adult film, but the guys in it were hot. Oh John Leslie! But yes, I've been to others since, just not in recent years.

    Bonus: I'm VERY excited that they are putting out 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' for a week in September on the big screen. I WILL be going.


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