Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Just for Fun


  1. how come no comments? I guess you couldn't lie about the President's performance so staying quiet is the best thing...

  2. The question was if people were going to watch - it did not ask for comments or thoughts of how it went. However, since you imply that me and my reader's are silent so that we don't have to lie (I don't know why you'd assume we'd lie) about our thoughts of the debate, I'll comment.

    First - that moderator was horrible, for both candidates. Second, the last time I checked, there will be more then just two candidates on the ballot so why were there only two on stage? Debates really are more of a PR show of sound bites and reveal nothing new about either candidate's positions or abilities and usually do little to sway the outcome of the election 40 days out.

    Yeah, Obama didn't do a good job and I expected more. I have no idea who that was on the other side. RMoney stated positions and facts in a way he never did before - so different from the convention but I guess when you don't really have a position, haven't worked since the 2000 Olympics and you're not busy running the country, you have a little more time to practice your "zingers."

    The one thing I did recognize was how distorted, misleading and inaccurate RMoney's words were.

    He still doesn't stand a chance - peoples minds have been made up for a while.

    I appreciate most comments and only delete those that I deem unprintable which in over 8,000 comments has only been a handful excluding spam.

  3. Love the just for fun drinking game poster Sean. :)

  4. I watched the debates, expecting the usual BS but was pleasantly surprised with Romney's energy and acuity.

    Sean, I respect your taste in men and your position, but the sad fact is that the country is careening toward bankruptcy and Obama has no idea what to do about it other than call for "raising revenues." (Why can't he just call a tax a tax?) But that is not a workable solution - just watch what has happened with Spain and Greece.

    As for your attack on Romney not "working," (a) it was the 2002 Olympics, not 2000; (b) that was an enormous job because it required turning a looming disaster into a success while dealing with officials from many different nations and several levels of government; and (c) he became governor of Massachusetts AFTER saving the 2002 Olympics -- are you contending that that wasn't work?

  5. I was able to watch about half of it. I would have watched it all if I had not had another commitment.

  6. Sean,
    Steve is right on!! Don't bet against Romney. I think after this debate (1st debate is the most watched and it was on the economy and people vote with their wallets) Even Chris Matthews who has the tingle down the leg for Obama lost that tingle!! I am not trying to be mean but you have posted a constant stream of jokes on Romney and you really haven't put Obama to the test like Romney did last night and people watched. I am gay so not an issue with that.

  7. Drew - Ultimately Romeny did win the debate but I don't think he really won any significant number of voters. I'll keep my money on Obama.

    The Romeny "joke" I post are political cartoons and they do lean towards Pres. Obama but I don't censor the ones that critique Pres. Obama. If you look at the ones after the convention and the one that I'll post this Sunday you'll see many that show anger and disappointment with his performance.

    Finally, as a LGBT person or a woman or a person of color I don't understand how any member of these groups can vote for Romney. His economic policies will not dramatically change the course of the country from anyone else's but his social issues are so severe that these groups will loose civil rights. Obviously not all but more they'll have less if Romney is elected and loosing civil rights DOES have an economic impact.

    As a side note, my family which are life-long Republicans, devote catholics (but not like the evangelicals) and in local politics are all voting for Pres. Obama this time.

  8. Steve - thanks for the correction. I really thought his job as governor had led to his Olympic position.

  9. Sean,
    It's not personal. I was raised very strict catholic as well. The real devote catholics wouldn't vote for Obama because he is pro choice and those catholics are pro life. Catholics do vote more democrat than republican. I am a business owner for 35 years and I don't feel Obama has belief in capitalism. I voted for him in 2008 hoping for hope and change but realized he was not up to the job. That is why he didn't do well in the debate. He has always had others run interference for him. In a debate you are on your own and he ended as the Emperor without clothes!! This debate will give Romney the lead and if Romney doesn't do anything to hurt himself he is in for November... IMHO!!

  10. Stay tuned! I think you will see a very different Obama in debates 2 & 3, now that he knows how Romney is going to twist the facts and pretend to be for the middle class. It's "trickle down economy" NOT trickle down government. Who does Romney think he is fooling? He does not have any specifics about "his plan" to tell us because there are none, because like Obama said, he is keeping them a secret because they are so good!

  11. I like the way everyone is saying Romney tricked the President. Every liberal pundit had to admit what really happened. Obama can't respond to how he has done in his first term. How can you? Deficit at $16.1 trillion. He has no plan that is why we are running over a trillion deficit each year. Don't you realize if something is not done we will be broke in 5 years,, All of us! We need growth in the economy to fix it. You can't raise enough taxes to overcome the annual deficit. I heard if they cancelled the Bush tax cuts it would bring in an extra $85 billion a year over the next ten years! That is a drop in the bucket. We need increased revenue and cuts in spending to achieve our goals. Don't approach this problem with emotion approach with facts! Good luck.


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