Saturday, October 27, 2012


The water aisle.
 This was what the supermarket looked like at 11:10 am this morning. Milk, bread, fruits, vegetables and other assorted "essentials were all empty. The CVS pharmacy had Rx's piled high and there were lines at every gas station (where reg. has finally hit $3.7499999) Last year, when we got hit with Hurricane Irene (I think - I was in the hospital for the big event) we were without power for 5 days. Sally is a much, much, much bigger storm, is going to combine with a big winter storm from the west, during a full moon (which cause water to come up from the sewer drains in many areas) and instead of being around for 36 hours this one could be around for 4-5 DAYS. Fun!
The toilet paper aisle. 


Writer said...

Stay safe, Sean. :(

anne marie in philly said...

I don't even WANT to near a grocery store. I have plenty of food in the house and a wood-burning fireplace in which to cook food/heat the house. the emergency lanterns all work. my property is secured.

Stan said...

People are going mad here in Central Jersey! The Home Depot and Walmart parking lots were jammed when I drove by today. I can only imagine what it was like inside. Whatever I don't have I'll get by without. I'm on the 6th floor of my building so it should be fun. Stay safe out there on L.I.

Erik Rubright said...

Things I don't miss about living in Florida: oncoming storms.

Be safe.

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