Monday, October 1, 2012


Recently I received a great email from one of my favorite bloggers, Large Tony. His was one of the first blogs I ever read and have continued to read as he has evolved as a writer, blogger and person. Tony's blogs have evolved with him from Large Tony to Life in Mayberry to the current - The Third Leg. You can also follow him on Twitter and see why his name is so appropriate on Tumblr.

It's best to let Large Tony tell you:
Hey Sean,

Your comment on "Mitt Antionette" yesterday happened to be the 1000th comment on "The Third Leg."  To celebrate that milestone, I want to give you a free T-shirt from my LT-Shirt Company.

Just go to and browse til you find what you like then let me know which design, size, you want (and where to send it).  You can pick from any of the basic tees.  The ringers and baseball tees are not eligible.

Thanks for reading.
My reply:
Hey Tony!
That is so awesome! Thank you so much.  What a surprise to be rewarded for doing something that gives me such pleasure - reading your blog! I'd love WOOF PUP in XL please!
thanks again, 

Here are some of the great t-shirts Tony sells at LT-Shirt Co:

Here's his post:

Major Award

Ya’ll didn’t know I had a secret contest going.
Because that’s the way secrets work.
But in the last couple of weeks I noticed that The Third Leg was approaching it’s 1000th comment on posts.
To celebrate the milestone, I decided that whoever hit the 1K mark would win a free t-shirt of their choice from LT-Shirt Company.
And we have a winner!
Sometime yesterday, Sean (who also has a blog) came in at number 1000 with his comment on the Mitt Antionette post.
Congratulations Sean!  I will e-mail you the details concerning your major award.
And thanks for reading and interacting.
If anyone else wants one of my shirts, you don’t have to wait for the next contest.  You can just buy one!


  1. I like the YOU. NOW. shirt, as well as the "naturally delicious" shirt.

    and they come in my size.


  2. Great post about two great guys. Love Tony and his t-shirts with their not so subtle messages and always enjoy your blog too.

  3. Sean,
    Thanks for the love. Really much more than I deserve. And thanks for reminding me of how young I used to be in some of those pics! LOL. The shirt is in production and should get to me any day now. I will pop in mail to you.


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