Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Update II

No power. No land line. Until now no cell service and it is spotty. Since last update there have been more power outages. We only have radios but its hard to follow and their is little local news.

Considering everything, we're fine. Just bored. And it gets so dark!!  The lightening I thought I saw was actually transformers exploding. Today we'll get in the car and look around now that most of the trees and power lines have been cleared but with no traffic lights it is an accident waiting to happen. 

We got our mail yesterday!!!!

Any word on the storm affecting the election?

Thanks and best wishes to everyone 


becca said...

stay safe sweetie

Bob said...

Glad you're safe.
I hated being without power after hurricanes; such a sense of helplessness.

Bel said...

Hi! My name's Bel and I just came across your blog (looking up jeep wrangler).
I've only seen what's going on over in america by news, I hope that you and your friends and family are all ok.
So, I'm a 'jeep girl' from UK/france who now lives in morocco (got my wrangler a year ago and am trying to stand up for myself against all the toyotas and nissans you have over here)
I was wondering if you would give me any good advice on mod's (she's a sahara unlimited 2007 you can see her on my blog here
I'm following you on gfc. I sometimes talk about girly stuff and sh*t but also about my jeep and 4WD!
take care

R.J. said...

I'm glad you're safe.

Being without power sucks. I still have bad memories of that one night where most of SoCal was without power for nearly twelve hours about a year ago.

anne marie in philly said...

cheese louise. hope there is progress in your part of NY soon.

we went back to work today, but the destruction is all around us. one of my co-workers still did not have power this morning. ugh!

Erik Rubright said...

Glad you're safe.

I'm impressed the mail was delivered. I guess the mail-persons really do have a work ethic.

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