Saturday, November 24, 2012


Happy Birthday Miss Truvy.

Yes, Truvy and Tramp have almost the same birthday but maybe I should call it a re-birthday. I only have approximate ages for each of them so I celebrate their birthday's as the day we came into each other's lives. As you read the other day, Tramp rescued himself by running into our house the night before Thanksgiving. Truvy has a much different story.

I rescued Truvy from the DC Animal Shelter ten years ago when she was about a year old. I was living with Peter, my fiancé at the time, and his 5 year old yellow lab, Quincy. So Truvy was a big part of our lives together and constant reminder of him and what never came to be.

I had been going to the Arlington Shelter for months with not luck. Then one day a worker recommended I go to the DC Shelter and a few weeks later that's just what I did.

The DC Shelter was dark and not as clean or modern as the Arlington Shelter and every other dog was a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix. I was down to my last room and then I saw her. She was in the first cage and standing on the gate trying to get everyone's attention. She was sticking her nose through the opening and waging her tail but we weren't permitted to touch her. She had mange but was almost healed so she was ready for adoption we just couldn't pet her and risk infecting the other dogs.

She was really turning on the charm, making tons of eye contact but not barking and winning my heart and that of two other people. Then the food came and all her attention went to the food. I left her to eat and went to finish looking. I found an adorable 6 mnth old beagle male but I really wanted a female and Celeste, the name the shelter had given her, was so damn cute. When I walked back, she had already finished eating and had curled up in a ball and was sound asleep in all the chaos. This amazed me. She looked so peaceful. I knew then she was the one I had been searching for.

I went to the desk to make my request but was number three! I was heart broken but made a plea to the woman and she bumped me up - the $20 didn't hurt either. This was the Saturday before Thanksgiving and was sure for some reason, although I hadn't thought to ask, that they wouldn't be adopting out dogs Thanksgiving weekend, but I was wrong. I got the call on Monday that I was approved to adopt Celeste and had to confirm my acceptance and authorized payment for her spaying and other minor costs - about $100 total. They said she'd be ready on Friday and I was there with my friend Michael at 10 am to take her home.

I of course changed her name to my favorite Steel Magnolia's character, played by the incredible Dolly Parton, to Miss Truvy. Miss Truvy still had many bald spots from the mange but was otherwise healthy and thrilled to be wanted and loved. Of course, as the weeks went buy we learned that she had obviously been abused, trained and had a fear of brooms, people with covered faces and people of color. She is still weary of brooms and faceless people but to everyone else and especially kids, she goes nuts.

The story and love continues....

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  1. happy birthday miss truvy! such a pretty girl!

    I do the "birthday thing" with my cats too; since I adopted them, I have no idea what their real birthdays are, so the day they came home with me is the day I celebrate.

  2. Happy Birthday Miss Truvy.. May you have many many more years to come.

    Sean you are the one that is blessed with this dog.


  3. Awww.. Happy Birthday, Miss Truvy!

  4. Bless her little heart! And yours Sean for rescuing Miss Truvy. Happy Birthday sweetie.

  5. Congratulations Ms Truvy, many happy returns. You've found a man to your heart in Sean.

  6. Happy Belated to the Lady and the Tramp!

    I loved Steel Magnolias: simple people, simple life, tears and laughter, all things I can relate to!



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