Saturday, November 17, 2012


Shaun Duling’s dog, Bolt, loves him, too.  Duling rescued a skittish Bolt while serving as a Marine in Afghanistan.  Duling and a friend helped the malnourished dog back to get healthy and, soon, he and the Labrador-Shepherd mix became a loyal pair.
“When I’d go out on runs, he’d be right there next to me.  Every morning, he’d walk to the office with me.  I think once he established that trust, he was almost inseparable.” – Shaun Duling discussing his rescued dog, Bolt.
Their bond was tested, however, when Duling’s commanding officer ordered all dogs be removed and dropped off in a village more than twelve miles away.  Bolt, apparently, was confused when they came to take him away but Duling could do nothing about it.  The following day, miraculously, when Duling woke for work he found Bolt waiting for him with a wagging tail.  His fellow solders indicated that, after they’d dropped the dogs off in the village, Bolt ran behind the truck for ten miles before the commander ordered them to stop and pick him up … and allowed him to stay.
When Duling’s tour came to an end, Bolt tried to jump into the helicopter as he left and had to be physically restrained.  But now, thanks to a dog rescue organization called Nowzad, Bolt is headed to the U.S.  Online donations in excess of $4,000 have enabled Bolt to take the long plane ride around the world to be reunited with Duling.  Bolt is currently in quarantine but will be back at his owner’s side by next week.

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anne marie in philly said...


R.J. said...

Awwwww is right. I've always liked German Shepherds.

Stan said...

Very moving. I've read about similar stories of veterans being reunited with their four legged pals from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ray's Cowboy said...

Love the story. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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