Monday, November 5, 2012


One of the many times I was put to sleep reading only
by the light of my Mighty Brite Book Light.
Totally not staged. I'm not that creative.
We never seem to have enough time or energy to read for pleasure. Not newspapers or blogs but books or in my case ebooks. I love to plan time away from the house (too many distractions) to read and my Kindle and/or iPhone, they make reading easier (bigger font) and more convenient. I like to read when I'm eating (books are good company for when you eat out alone) and will often pick the place based on how long I can sit there and read and the overall atmosphere - not too busy or too loud. Starbucks, Gino's Pizza and Bobby's Burger Palace top my list

Books are also a must have when traveling, especially by train or plane, going on vacation and/or going to the beach. However, when you are cut off from all distractions and normal obligations and you're only alternative to staring at the ceiling or twiddling your thumbs (you can't even vacuum or do laundry) is to read, then reading becomes a bit less enjoyable - at least it was for me during the 5 days we were without power.

I had just finished Cyndi Lauper's, Memoir, fantastic, and an ebook short on Dan Savage, not so great - just buy his books, so I decided to reread The Vampire Chronicles, by Anne Rice. I loved them the first time I read them almost twenty years ago but under these conditions I just found Louis to be a whinny, EMO and he really got on my nerves. He makes Robert Paterson of the Twilight Series (no I haven't read or seen the movies but you can't escape them) butch. Hopefully The Vampire Lestat (book II) will be as good as I remember.


  1. reading real books has always been a pleasure of mine; I try to read 10 a year on any number of different subjects. good way to relax.

  2. This is the biggest fall in terms of great new books out there -- Junot Diaz's new short stories is amazing.

  3. I haven't read a book in awhile. I do a much better job reading magazines once they downloaded into my Kindle Fire, though.

  4. Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors. It has been a long time though also.

  5. Wasn't it Mark Twain who said something like "Outside of a dog there's nothing better than a good book; inside a dog, it's too dark to read."

  6. That sounds like Twain. I love clever use of the language.


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