Friday, November 16, 2012


1. When did you first know you were an adult?

I'm not sure I'm there yet. Of course there are times when it's very clear like when taking care of my parents or nephews but as an overall feeling, I'm not feeling it. Maybe I'm just fighting it?
2. Where were you when you first thought, "I'm old!"

It was a few days after my 34th birthday and I was having a drink at Cobalt in DC and as I looked around the room I just thought, "I'm old." So I found myself a cute young thing to erase the pain and kept the lights low.
3. What was your best year?

I was 31, met David and for the first time imagined life with a man, a house with a white picket fence (really) and a few doggies. It was love, first not true, and I came out to myself, my friends, my family and never looked back.
4. Have you become your parents?
Not anywhere close but there are times when I catch myself saying things, telling stories and making some bodily noise and I flash on my mom or dad or even my grandparents. When this happens I always have two reactions and always in the same order, first is the recognition which earns an, "Ahh, shit!" The second is, a little smile and if I could see my self in a mirror I'm sure there'd be a twinkle in my eye.
5. Gray hair:
 - Is it sexy? It can be very sexy but only on other men (see pic above) - NOT ME. 
- How much do you have and where? Some on my head and some in my beard.
          - Where is the best or worst place you have it? I found one in my nose once, that was bad.

How is sex different now?

It's been so long I forget. Actually, it is much less frequent and not a driving force. I hope when my life returns to something more normal so will my sex life.
  * One of the questions not asked and is actually the theme is, "Is older better?" Not for me.
** I forgot to post this yesterday. Hmmmm.

Stone Soup by Jan Eliot

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  1. 1. When 710 and I had our wills completed - and when my parents made me power of attorney for their estate.

    2. I was in JRs in DC. Talking to a really cute man and I referenced David Cassidy. He didn't know who he or the Partridge Family were. UGH.

    3. I'm hoping it's still to come. But I don't think I could narrow down a specific year.

    4. I have aspects of my parents in me, but I'm not them, nor do I plan on becoming them (does anyone plan on that?). You can only outrun genetics so far/so long. But no, I'm not my parents.

    5. Grey hair can be sexy - properly groomed. I have it - in my beard (at least for now). I do have two grey eyebrow hairs that drive me nuts. I pluck those.

    Bonus: sex isn't as frequent, but still thought about. Before I didn't need to be in a sex mood to have it.

  2. You don't remember sex? What about election night with me? Was it that forgettable?! For four hours I porked you in my mind. I remember it like I just imagined it yesterday. And let me tell you, I was good ;-)

  3. 1. When I could smell my own armpits. lol
    2. Basic Training Fort Dix, New Jersey
    3. 2012
    4. Yes and that is a good thing.
    5. Gray hair is sexy, but not on me.
    A little bit on top, a little bit on bottom. ;)
    I hate to see it appearing down there.

    Bonus: It is so much better. I'm more apt to try new things cuz I can't hold one position for very long.

    Older has gotten better for me.

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