Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 on 12 0n 12/12/12 on 13

The 12 on 12 challenge was created by some guy who stopped over a year ago but get mad if you don't credit him. Well, he can stomp his feet all he wants because it is Blobby who has inspired me to do my first  and most likely last, at least for a while because I usually forget or have nothing to photograph.

After you post your 12 on 12 you are supposed to post a link in Blobby's comments so others can read your post and blog.

I had a doctor's appointment in NYC yesterday and as I was walking across Central Park, remembered 12 on 12 and thought, "Perfect!" However, as I was taking (for the first time) the bus back to Penn Station, I was surprised and pleased to find myself on 5th Ave! At Christmas Time! So my 12 on 12 will be more than 12.

5th Ave from 57th to 53rd is really quite magical at anytime but especially at Christmas Time.

Central Park and pic #1

Central Park West and 98th

Hollister - a younger A&F
Just a wall of screens (over and on the other side of the entrance too)
with a live feed from Huntington Beach

Fendi - the lights dripped, very simple but pretty

BG's - like looking down from the ceiling

I counted almost 200 red shirts - Geek Overload, this is about a quarter of the store

The doormen at BG's Men - so handsome and classy.

St. Patrick's Cathedral under renovation.

Times Square

Grand Central

The iPhone does not like this kind of lighting.
I waited for the Sugar Plum Fairies light show but it I didn't have the patience.

YUMMY! Street cart hotdogs for dinner! A must for every trip into NYC.

For $5-$10 people will take your pick with and iPad and email it to you.


  1. Sean, I know how much you hate it when I tell you how hot you are, so this time I'll refrain. But I have to say it's getting hard (you can take that any way you want);-)

    The best pics are the ones with the diamond creatures around the Bulgari store. I'd love to see those up close.

  2. That hotdog looks pretty small! I think you might need bigger sausage :P

  3. Some great shots there in your 33 of 12 :)

    You SHOULD do it monthly - you had good shots and not all have to be extraordinary. They just show a day of your life.

  4. my faves - rock center tree, grand central station (outside shot), hot dog (sabrett's - fucking good!), and HAWT SEAN! nice beard! gorgeous blue eyes!

    I didn't know st. pat's was undergoing renovation. and you ruined the hot dog with relish n onions (yellow mustard only for me please).

  5. I used to love to go to NYC at Christmas time and see all the glamour and hussle. Your photos brought back some fond memories; thank you !

  6. Blobby - thanks, we'll see what the new year brings.

  7. I have to say I love your pictures. It seems very Chirstmas(y) there. I love the sounds of Christmas and everything that goes with it. By the way you are a very handsome Man. Love the pictures of you infront of the tree. Maybe I will get you under the tree for Christmas.
    Sean no matter what, you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Any time you want to take pictures of your walk,with squirrel (Very Cute). Feel free, I love taking a walk like this with you.


  8. Thanks for these great pics of the city. There's no place like it during the Holidays. I hope your visit to the Doctors went well.

  9. Great pictures. Love the tree in Rockefeller Center.

  10. Mmm... street cart hotdogs. My favorite.


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