Thursday, December 27, 2012


1. Have you ever dropped trou to have sex and realized you made a mistake and bolted?

  • Yes, more then once. First because of nerves, the second thanks to better lighting.

2. Have you ever used the wrong name while having sex or visa versa?

  • Does it count if you didn't know their name to begin with? Just kidding, I've never made that mistake because I never use names - something I learned from All My Children (soap opera).

3. Who is the one crush you jerked off to the most?

  • Easy, my next door neighbor, Billy Hannan. He has the all american, quarter back look, was very nice to me (8 years older), smart and funny. He loved to layout in the backyard, I'd jo watching from my window, he almost never wore a shirt in the summer, had a sexy hairy chest, and would walk from his room to the bathroom naked to shower at night with his beautiful cock swinging to and fro. On a really good night, I get to see his equally good-looking brother, Mark. My neighbors had a door that opened onto a deck and gave me full view of his walks. There was one time where I swear I was caught by his girlfriend while he was tanning cause she reached into his shorts and stroked him a bit before he stopped her. Excuse me..... Okay, I still use that day and him. Come to think of it, he looked a lot like Ben Cohen. That explains a lot.

4. Have you ever slept with a friends bf?
  • Not knowingly. I was out dancing at Badlands, in DC, and got picked up. All was revealed later that week at JR's where my friend had invited me so he could introduced his boyfriend.

5. Have you ever enjoyed/suffered and injury while having sex?

  • Yes. Socks and wood floors don't go together and too much of a "good thing" can be rough and even break the skin if you struggle too much.

Have you named any of your body parts? What names does/have your partners called them?

  • Never named them and never had them named, however, love, cute and tushee have often been mentioned in the same sentence.

TMI Questions 
Fun, slightly embarrassing questions designed to reveal Too Much Information for my blog, between you and your significant other and among you and your friends and/or family.


Post and answer the questions on your blog or tumblr page and then post the link in the comments so that others can read your answers, visit your website and get to know you too. I post my answers on Thursday. 

Thanks to Loki's Log/Life and Times of a Bi-Runner for this week's questions.


  1. I swear pix #3 looks like kelly!

    glad to hear your mom is doing better also! smooches!

  2. I can see why the sexy neighbor continues to be a fun memory!


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