Thursday, December 6, 2012


1. Mac or PC? 
Mac - MacBook Pro Laptop, iPhone 4s, iPod (ancient)  and soon iPad Mini. Currently Mac is better in engineering, design, support and training. Having the same platform also makes them all work better together.  There's nothing I need to do on a PC that I can't do on my Mac and I don't worry about viruses (although I do have an anti-virus program just in case) or the horror of the blue screen. 

2. How plugged in are you and why? 
More than I need to be. Adapt or be left behind. In all areas of computers from soft wear to hard wear from gismos to gadgets from Powerpoint to Grinder. Just to remain current you need to use and understand everything or else you'll not be able to talk or hook up with the hot guy or you nephew or nieces or even read a book or magazine.

3. What would do if you were completely unplugged for a month?
This doesn't include TV, right?! I actually think I could die without TV. As for the internet, I'd do fine but I wouldn't like it, mostly for not knowing what was happening locally or in the world. i.e.: Sandy, 9/11.

4. Low Self esteem issues aside, if a pic of you turned up on a site like TapThatGuy, Hot or Not or People of Walmart, how would you react?
The exhibitionist in me would love it. Actually, it's a good thing I do hate how I look in pics because that keeps me in check. (sorry Ray)

5. FaceBook is....
Evolving. FB is not what it started out to be and like almost everything else, especially technology based, it's vulnerable to new ideas and trends. FB is a great way to reconnect and stay in touch with family and friends and now you almost need to have it to get shopping info or specials. I'm not on FB because I have a very small social and family circle, however, I'm not against it and I'm not saying I wouldn't use it in the future. I just don't have a real use for it now.

6. Should you be able to post political and social views/opinions without loosing your job?
Yes. I view FB and most other social media like talking with friends at dinner or a party, as long as it is used conversationally. However, once you start using social media to broadcast your view points and messages to a fan base (fans, constituents, employees, customers) Or you suddenly find yourself with a fan base, then you need to edit. If you wouldn't want it broadcast on the news, then don't put it on social media. I also think there should be a statute of limitations of 5-10 years and most anything before 22 years of age of what you can be held accountable for writing.
7. List at least 5 of the social Apps you are on:

  1. Blogger
  2. Tumblr/Twitter - to learn and support the blogs
  4. Pandora
  5. Kindle
  6. Foresquare
  7. Nike Running
  8. MyFitnessPal
  9. Various Photo Apps
  10. Various travel Apps - NY Subway, LIRR, DC Metro

What question did you think of that could have been asked?
I added #6 and RJ (see comments) had three very good suggestions. Question #6 and RJ's three were more of what I had in mind when I first conceived the idea for TMI: Social Media but because I didn't write it down, I kinda lost it.

TMI Questions 
Fun, slightly embarrassing questions designed to reveal Too Much Information for my blog, between you and your significant other and among you and your friends and/or family.


Post and answer the questions on your blog or tumblr page and then post the link in the comments so that others can read your answers, visit your website and get to know you too. I post my answers on Thursday. 


  1. What??? No Grindr, Growlr or Scruff on your apps?

  2. 1. Both. Work supports PC. My home life is all about the Mac.

    2. Very. Work a lot, but even then I'm on the road a LOT - and I gotta stay connected to blog daily and face time when I'm gone.

    3. I'm assuming this doesn't include work. I can't go off the grid due to work. But I am not sure I could go off anyway, or want to, truth be told.

    4. I'd be unhappy about the WalMart thing. I'd be ok w the Tap that Guy. I'd be ok w the Hot or Not, as long I wasn't in the 'not' category.

    5. Ok. It's not the end all be all anything. I resisted for a long long time. I just make shorter inane comments than I do on the blog.

    6. I think everyone should be able to post their opinions in either category - but I think they should be well reasoned and not so off the cuff and filled with stupidity and non-truths.

    7. Facebook. LinkedIn. Does Words with Friends count?

  3. Sean, would still love to have a full length picture of you. My Birthday is coming up..



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