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1. What is your favorite winter clothing item or outfit?
I love, love, love sweaters and not just because I look so good in them. They are comfy, come in so many styles and are so versatile - the same sweater can be worn for a very nice evening out or when snuggling on the sofa while sipping brandy in front of the fire after a day of skiing. 
2. Do you have plans for a winter vacation? When and where?

It's hard to take a vacation when you technically don't work but I am hoping for a few overnight trips (hello DC, Boston and Albany?) and a few days in Delaware to meet up with a bunch of fellow bloggers. 
3. Do you have a climate preference? 

I'm a man of all seasons. I like them all, appreciate each for what they are and have specific activities that I enjoy doing during each. I love DC because you get a taste of each season but even during the winter I was able to go out biking.

4. What do you like to do on your winter vacations?

When I plan my vacations, it is to relax. I love to go skiing but none of my friends do so instead we would go to tennis tournaments, specifically the Miami Art Deco Open in South Beach in January. I love tennis and even one  a few of the GLTA events but the best part was loosing early and hanging at the beach and then drinking and dancing at night. I'm also a great vacation date because I tend not to have an agenda and will happily go alone with what ever plans my date may have in mind. I'm just happy to be away.
5. Do you unpack your suitcase or live out of it? Are there any items you never unpack?

I used to never unpack but when I started traveling more for work I saw the benefits of unpacking and now it is the first thing I do after turning on the tv and jumping on the bed.
6. Essentials for an extra "fun" weekend? Would you take them through airport security?

There are a few things that I won't travel without or at least be planning on buying once I arrive. I have and will pack "fun" things but make sure I check those bags and wait to have them screened in person so that I can lock them. I do this anyway for security reasons as I've had things go missing. If I'm not checking luggage, then I'm not packing "fun" things.

Last, Best, Worst or most fun vacation sex. Details. Details, Details.

Some of the best sex I've ever had has come on vacations. And once, in Montreal, I even fell in love. But to answer the question, I was in Miami and met a guy in Twist across from our hotel. We went to his room and he introduced me to a few "accessories" over the next three days we were there. The pic below should give you some of the details but not all...

TMI Questions 
Fun, slightly embarrassing questions designed to reveal Too Much Information for my blog, between you and your significant other and among you and your friends and/or family.


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  1. To quote the Great Takei:

    "Oh, my!"

    Bravo, Sean, bravo.

  2. YAYZ, I get to meet you in march! that makes me VERY HAPPY! :)

  3. I posted my answers on my blog:



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