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1. Which religion or faith do you belong to, if any?
I was raised Roman Catholic and my family is very devote but not insanely or delusionally so. I live a good life, am kind to others, try not to judge and to add not subtract from society. If there is a God (anyone's) he will welcome me, if there isn't then no problem there either. I do find it hard not to believe in some sort of energy that flows through everything and that it continues long after we die and decompose. 

2. What is your opinion of seasonal greetings and salutations?
Having worked in retail most of my life, I'm most comfortable wishing Happy Holidays since you can't tell what faith or non faith a person believes in just by looking at them... usually. When I know a person, I do customize my greeting. 

3. Holiday music on the radio?
I used to look forward to hearing the memory makers but then stations started going 24/7 weeks before Christmas and that is too much. Two of my stations went 24/7 the Friday before Thanksgiving! 
I love playing it while decorating and writing cards and cooking and throughout Christmas day because it creates a mood and spirit but as I said earlier, having been in retail most of my life, it can make music harder to enjoy.

4. What is your policy for exchanging (giving/receiving) gifts?
I give what I can when I can and it is usually more. I'm terrible at sticking to a budget. 

5. Gift cards are...
a good option - especially for my nephews and when you have to travel by plane. Internet shopping has replaced most of my gift cards - I ask for Amazon wish lists and then either have it sent directly to them or find it and buy it. They never ever complain about gift cards; however, just make sure the ones you get (either as a gift or to give) don't have a time frame on them. Many of the VISA/MC ones, especially from malls, must be used or they incur a monthly penalty for non use.

6. Christmas cards/family update letters are... 
Cool. I wish I was better at doing them but in the past I was always too busy and then being single (still and forever more) leaves little to update in a letter. Now I blog.
7. Snow is...
Magic! It can be so beautiful and peaceful and I know of no one who still doesn't run to the window and shout, "It's snowing!" Snow angles, snowmen (hmmm...) snowball fights, sledding, skiing, iceskating, hot chocolate with whipped cream and cookies. 

8. Have you been a good little boy or girl?
Yes. And when I'm bad I'm better!

     1. Food - trukey and ham dinner with all the trimmings
     2. Dessert - Danish butter cookies and custard cream pie
     3. Song - White Christmas, Elvis's and The Carpenter's Holiday albums

     4. Movie - It's a Wonderful Life, March of the Wooden Soldiers, The Year Without a Santa Clause
     5. Tradition - getting together with the family and with friends, eating and getting dressed up

Christmas sex: What have you done under the mistletoe? Have you caught daddy kissing Santa Clause? Have you done it a santa suit? Did you come down the chimney? Just how merry have you made Santa's helpers?
I never spent a Christmas with a lover, when I had one, we always went to be with our other families which for me meant heading to NY after working all of Christmas Eve and then leaving Christmas night so I could be at work for the After Christmas Sale. The most memorable sex I had, and maybe the only, on Christmas was on the Amtrak Northeast Direct from DC to NY. Yes, a tunnel was involved but I wasn't dreaming. 

TMI Questions 
Fun, slightly embarrassing questions designed to reveal Too Much Information for my blog, between you and your significant other and among you and your friends and/or family.


Post and answer the questions on your blog or tumblr page and then post the link in the comments so that others can read your answers, visit your website and get to know you too. I post my answers on Thursday. 

Thanks to Ray for the Snowman pic


  1. 1. I'm from a mixed religious household, but am Jewish. It's not that we don't celebrate a paganish xmas, but christ is never discussed.

    2. I don't mind people says 'christmas', but to me it smacks of assumption. Like the other days when someone's shirt said (CHRIST)mas. Fuck you.

    3. Turn it off as fast as I can. It comes down to having 27 xmas songs all played over and over again by different artists. George Michael could live on the number of covers I heard of Wham's "Last Christmas". WHY do people cover that shitty song?

    4. I like giving. I'm uncomfortable receiving. Isn't that odd?

    5. Necessary. I think it takes the fun out of opening things, but knowing my nephews and nieces are growing up and can spend them out of town or wherever they are....they are practical.

    6. I like sending them to the friends, but the last few years, they have not gone out. I can't get it together. I don't do letters. If you haven't heard from me in a year, that's not the way to catch up.

    7. Bullshit.

    8. I took in my sister's dog. I'm fucking AWESOME!

    9. Food - we have tenerloin every 12/24
    Dessert - cookies, no nuts
    Song - Gabriel's Message (Sting)
    Movie - A Christmas Story
    Tradition - exchanging an ornament w the husband on xmas eve

    BONUS xmas sex? I say "oh g-d, oh g-d" a lot when 710 makes eggs benedict the morning of the holiday.

  2. 1. Christain. So I do believe in Christmas.

    2. Merry Christmas. Or Good Morning. I say that almost all of the time.

    3. Yep love it. I love everything about Christmas. Decoration, music, decoration.

    4. I love giving, Since a ama verst/ Top. nothing to do with it, it think. I love giving and seeing poeple smile. I love to help people feel good. I love sendingd cards, gifts, or whatever.

    5. Is it ok I guess, but my Dad says he hates it. For if you wanted to get someone something, doit. I think he is somewhat right. I rather have a naked pictures of Sean than $100.00 gift card. Giving a gift states that you thought of the person, gift cards says here you go.

    6. Love Chirstmas cards. Hate let me tell you what we did all year round. My Sister's does it. I just throw it in the trash without even reading it.

    7. Love Snow, but in Texas we do not get enough of it. All of my freinds say that I should have been born up north. I love the cold and the snow. you can do allot with snow. Make angles, SnowMen and have others help you make SnowMen. But that is another sotry I think.

    8. Good or Bad, That is in the eye of the beholder.
    (If I was with you Sean, you coul d tell if I was good or if I was Bad) I think I Am good.

    9. Dinner with my famly. I do not care as long as I am with my fmaily.
    Dessert. It is call a Victorian Cake.. White cake with rasberry filling in the middle with cream chesse icing.
    Silent Night. Read my blog and find out why. It will be posted tomorrow.

    Movie. It Happened One Chirstmas with Malor Thomas. Charlie Brown Christmas. It is a Wonderful LIfe.

    Tradition Family. getting together, Freinds than Home for the Christmas Holiday.

    Sean are you trying to get me under the Mistletoe??? Yes I have made seceral Santa's Helpers smile for the holiday season, but once again that is another story.

    Sean I do hope youhave a great and wonderful Chirstmas. May your reades and you be blessed.


  3. I would take any of the guys pictured in my shitmas stocking!

    you must mean the amtrak tunnel in baltimore md; good one! :)


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