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I LUV THE GO GO's! I have seen them numerous times - the first was 1984ish and the last on their last tour for God Bless The Go Go's cd.

They'll be touring for probably the last time (see tour dates below) and I intend to be there! Also, Belinda has a new cd coming out (May 5th maybe) and it includes a great cover of The Monkey's Pleasant Valley Sunday.
A Kindle Review

Now that Belinda is completely sober her singing and performing are better than ever. In her 2010 memoir, Lips Unsealed, she dished very little about the other girls and instead focused on her life as a music obsessed, overweight (for her town), fashionista (who made her own clothes because she liked too and because she was poor), abused teenager (by mom and dad) who co-foundeded The Go Go's with Jane Wiedlin. 

When she writes about the next 20 years of her life as a Go Go, a solo artist, wife and mother it is mostly about her troubles with insecurity and drug and alcohol addiction. Here she is very disconnected from her experience which is what the drugs and alcohol do. She seems honest in retelling her life on the road and how The Go Go's gave Areosmith and Kiss a run for their money for most wild rock band. Then there was the time that she and a friend narrowly and luckily escaped being abducted and sold into the sex slave trade when trying to score some drugs! She reconnects emotionally with the reader once she regains sobriety and begins living a productive life again as a wife, mother (her son is gay and she is now a GLBT advocate) and performer. 

If you're a fan of The Go GO's, Lips UnSealed will keep your attention - just don't wait for the tv movie. For a complete and contrasting review of the book, visit Kenneth in the (212) which is where I learned about the Go Go's 2012 tour.


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Miss Truvy

A frequent commenter's dog - Jay.

Then and Now

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Friday, April 27, 2012


I don't remember how or why I became a fan of diving great Greg Louganis, maybe it was his graceful yet powerful diving skills, maybe it was his facial and physical beauty, maybe it was my gaydar or maybe it was his speedo. It was probably all of the above.

One of the greatest divers of all time, Greg won his fist Olympic medal (a silver) in 1976 and was favored to win two golds in 1980 but the boycott prevented that. He won two golds in 1984 and most famously won two golds in 1988. He won numerous world championships by huge scoring margins and was virtually unbeatable for over 10 years. It was in 1988 that he hit his head on the diving board drawing blood and requiring several stitches. In spite of the odds and with the help of several record setting dives, Greg came back to win the Gold by just 1.4 points. What wasn't known at the time was that Greg was both gay and HIV+. He had only been diagnosed a few months prior to the Olympics and had only told a few people and the physicians treating him.

In his 1996 memoir, Breaking the Surface, which spent five weeks on the NYT best sellers list, he came out, relived the behind the scenes drama of hitting his head and knowing that he was HIV+, told of the bullying his suffered as a child because he was Samoan and had a learning disability, his distant and somewhat abusive father, his failed and physically, mentally and financially abusive relationships (one of which lead to his HIV+ infection) and his love of dogs. His book was made into a Showtime movie in 1997 and starred Mario Lopez. (If you get the chance, I recommend reading his book.)

Greg turned 52 years old this year, is looking great and says he is happier than ever. He spends his time raising dogs, being an advocate for GLBT rights and HIV awareness and education and guest starred on the penultimate episode of the second season of IFC's comedy Portlandia.

FUN TIDBIT: Actor Michael Fassbender took Louganis's gait and mannerisms as inspiration for his portrayal of an advanced humanoid robot in the 2012 film Prometheus, stating that, "Louganis was my first inspiration. I figured that I'd sort of base my physicality roughly around him, and then it kind of went from there."

Amazingly, this was the only photo I could find of Greg and his metals.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


DISCLAIMER: I am a Kennedy baby (my mom denies this), born 08/26/64, nine months later.

At first glance 11/22/63 seems like it's going to explore the question, "Would the world have been better off if Kennedy hadn't been killed?", but it is so much more than that.

King dives right in and in the first few clicks (it's an ebook), you’re back on Sept. 9, 1958. It’s 11:58 a.m. There are only two conditions to traveling back in time. One, it’s not a one-way trip. It doesn’t have to be. But when you return, no matter how long you’ve stayed in the past — two days, five years, whatever — only two minutes have gone by in the present. Two, each time you go back to the past, there is a reset,  it’s 11:58 a.m., and everything you did on your previous trip has been erased. Also, you continue to age.

Living in the past, even the recent past, is not so easy but if you know your history and play it smart, you can fit in. It becomes very clear that King has studied his history and truly pondered how a man from the present  could live in the past, 20 years before his birth. This is fascinating and King's attention to detail is thought provoking, paradigm shifting and fun - he worked on this novel for almost 30 years. However, at its core (at least for me), 11/22/63 - is a true, old fashioned love story. 

Just as King has us rooting for true love, he reminds us that he is a horror writer and in keeping with his recent books - Under the Dome; Full Dark, No Stars - the horror does not come from the sewers or dark creatures, it's humans and it's brutal. King doesn't hold back and I found myself thinking he could teach the SAW writers how it's really done. By the time we get King's answer to Kennedy living, it's almost insignificant. 

11/22/63 is a great read and while King does revisit some past novels and characters, the casual King reader won't notice. At 878 pages, it's about average length for a King book and we get to know and care about the characters at a depth never approached by The Hunger Games, which I read after this novel. Not really fair to The Hunger Games.


Not too long ago there was a blog that featured TMI Questions (Too Much Information) on Tuesdays. The idea was to post your answers in the comments and if you had a blog you should/could use them as a post as well. It was fairly popular but unfortunately they stopped posting and so TMI Tuesday came to an end.

I loved TMI Tuesdays and have been reading some old posts and can't believe how candid I was and how similar my answers would be if asked today. With a fresh supply of questions, I'll be posting TMI Thursdays for the foreseeable future. I encourage you to post your own responses, post them on your blog and submit questions for future use.

1. Are you a shower or bath person?
I'm a shower person. The water temp cools too fast and I still don't feel clean unless I shower off the suds. The best bath I ever had was the one my soon to be fiancé had waiting for me when I returned from a vacation/tennis tournament that I had planned before we met. When I walked into my apartment, he had lit a path of rose petals with tea-light candles leading up the stairs to the bathtub where there were more rose petals, candles and champagne and chocolate covered strawberries on ice. There were almost 200 tea-lights! 

2. Alone or together?
Together in the shower is fun (especially in locker rooms) and is a great way to keep the romance burning but don't hop in with me when I'm getting ready for work. Tubs are usually too small.

3. Have you had sex in a hot tube? Did you know him/them?
Yes, several times but it depends on how you define sex. Kissing check. Groping check. Oral Check. Nip play - oh yeah. More than that and it's time to go back to the room or inside the house. Despite what you see in videos, certain things just don't work with that much water. Yes. No.  And no, no, no, no.

4. Have you gone skinny dipping? 
I love it. I have often gone at Jones Beach (Field 6 to the far left), The Outer Banks in NC at night, on Rhode Island at night (can't remember the beach), Cancun at night and a few assorted lakes and pools. It's such a freeing experience and you can "do things that scare fish". 
5. If you had a diary/journal, what would today's entry read?
Read Just A Jeep Guy

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All new mugs for you to fantasize and comment over. 
Drop the soap or pick it up!

I know what those eyes are communicating! 

I wonder if he was arrested in a pub holding a pint.

I bet he likes it rough.

Can you still call it a wife beater on someone so cute and young?

I love the flower. 

LAST WEEK'S #1 MUG a wide margin and 40% of your votes!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Ultra Dave
ULTRA DAVE is one of my favorite blogs (a mix of photos, personal stories and his own poems) and for at least as many years as I have been reading/following Dave, he has raised money for AIDS Walk Charlotte. If you need a person to sponsor for this year's AIDS Walk (and who doesn't), Dave is a great choice. Every contribution helps! Click on the ribbon or link blow to find his personal page.

For the third year I will be joining the AIDS Walk
to benefit R.A.I.N.,
(Regional AIDS Interfaith Network).
They provide many services and help raise
AIDS awareness.
Please donate to this worthy cause if you can.
Every little bit helps.
AIDS Walk Charlotte 2012
Thank you so much!
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