Saturday, June 2, 2012


Ooh la la!  Quelle magnifique!
Richard, 25,  is one of the top ranked French players and in the top 25 of the world. I've always enjoyed his game, he has such flair and style. Just as he was ready to break into the top 10, he was suspended on charges of drug use that were eventually dismissed and then suffered a few injuries during his comeback.

When I see him I think, "cute frat boy!" - especially when he wears his cap backwards which is most of the time. He's very sexy, has great legs and a very fine ass. There is much speculation about his being gay but he has said he's not.  He beat german hottie and 1 pm post, Tommy Haas today.

Click here to see much "more" of Richard. MEN Blog


German tennis player, and now American citizen, 34 year old Tommy Haas has endured more professional setbacks than fathomable, but he still counts himself among the fortunate. Is the heart and resilience he displayed at Roland Garros and Wimbledon a sign that the best is yet to come for the German as he starts his ‘4th career’ comeback? He's just made it to the 4th round!


Not My little Tramp or Bandit 

Ozzo from I Should Be Laughing

Pino from Rambling Along in Life

Safe Sex Grayhound

A little too much?

I had the same hair style once.

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I have always loved Cyndi! So talented, so unafraid to be herself, so creative and such a big support of and activist for the GLBTQ community!

Here she performs SHINE live with a full orchestra backing!

Friday, June 1, 2012


I wasn't really into to sports as a kid but I loved tennis and I loved Jimmy Conners and Chris Evert (probably Chrissy a bit more but I didn't fantasize about her).

Jimmy Connors has won more titles, more matches and been #1 in the world for longer than anyone else. He had great hair and legs, a don't fuck-with-me attitude, incredible drive and determination and he was engaged to Chris Evert.

I loved to watch him win and even styled my game after his - Irish temper - but mostly Chrissie's. They had similar games: two-handed backhand, great ground strokes and passing shots, intense focus, controlled the game from the baseline and could chase anything down, she was the ice to his fire.

Ya gotta love the 70's.

I miss the short-shorts, not the extra socks so much.


HAPPY PRIDE! This is a month to celebrate who we are, where we've come from and how far we have to go. It's a month to be with friends and family and to keep and remember throughout the year.

Inspired by Kelly's Annual Pride Post, (which I'm sure he'll be posting later today) I will be posting a song to start each day with Pride! I'll need suggestions as I only have about 15 now. 

What better way to start the month then with celebrating the overturn of DATA! Here is Boy George with G.I. Josephine w/lyrics.

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Sunset seemed like an appropriate way to end the challenge but I live on the east coast.
Taken while my bike ride last night. This is atop of a small bridge in the town next to mine
where most of the homes are either on the water or the golf course. It's very rich town.
It's May 31st, so it's the last day of Jim of Jim's Stuff blog challenge. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. All my pics were taken the day of or the day before posting and got me to see and appreciate the things around me I usually overlooked. I also got to try a few photo apps and better at using my iPhone 4s Camera. It is so handy.

Thanks to Jim, BuddyBear, Eric, Kelly and the Other Sean for their participation.


I've started a new blog, MEN, which is just a collection of pg-13 pics of men. The type I post as palate cleansers in my Sunday Political Cartoons: Sad, True & Sexy posts.

Every morning at 7am is MEN - a random collection.
Every Evening at 7pm is a theme like WET, Military, LEATHER, Lust, Jocks, Gear, Gyms.
Mixed in will be other pictorials many of which will be more pics than I post in Just a Jeep Guy.

Here are some previews:

MEN 5.31


1. What was the worst way someone (of some significance) has broken up with you? In hind site, was it the correct thing to do?
Believe it or not, no one has ever broken up with me. In all my significant relationships, I was the one who ended it.
2. What was the worst way you dumped someone? In hind site, was it the correct thing to do?
I was always tried to be nice and always did it in person. Although I miss being it a relationship, it was always the right thing to do.
The first love of my life was also the first person I lived with (it was his house). He knew I wanted to talk and that things had been bad rough between us. Since I didn't know what would happen to me after breaking up, I had gotten an apartment before the talk and moved my things out before he got home that day. Before I could get him to sit down, he went to change and saw my clothes were gone. It's all I had there. All, and mean all, my other things were stored at a friends.
3. What is the most someone has done to persuade you to go out with them?
He left a note on my car saying he had seen me and had to get to know me. No name or number (this was in '95), the next day he left a note and a daisy, and the next day he left a single red rose asking me for a date  with a time and location (I still hadn't spoken to him or knew his name or what he looked like), on the 4th day, the day of the date,  he left two roses and a note that he was looking forward to the evening and hoped I'd come. Yes, I went and he greeted me at the door with the remaining dozen roses. He was very cute and very nice. My friend was watching from near by, in case he was a psyco. I had a great time but it didn't go the way either of us would have liked and we parted ways after a few more dates.
4. Ex-lovers - friends? Enemies? Non-existent?
I remain close to many of my first ex's and we continue to remain in each other's lives and circle of friends. However, after a really heartbreaking breakup, I decided no new ex's in my life, that it wasn't good for me. 
5. Sex with and ex?
No. I always felt that once it was over, it's over.

You have just discovered you have a super power that rival's Superman, do you become a Super Hero or a Super Villain?
I hope I'd be a Hero but feel like I could be corrupted by the power. I think it's because I was bullied and I'd become very vengeful. 

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