Monday, January 7, 2013


The following is a WE THE PEOPLE petition on the White House website demanding that the Catholic Church be recognized as a hate group. Sine Dec. 25, 2012 over 2,000 people have signed it, 25,000 signatures are needed. If you want to sign the petition click HERE.


Officially recognize the Roman Catholic Church as a hate group.

In his annual Christmas address to the College of Cardinals, Pope Benedict XVI, the global leader of the Roman Catholic Church, demeaned and belittled homosexual people around the world. Using hateful language and discriminatory remarks, the Pope painted a portrait in which gay people are second-class global citizens. Pope Benedict said that gay people starting families are threatening to society, and that gay parents objectify and take away the dignity of children. The Pope also implied that gay families are sub-human, as they are not dignified in the eyes of God.
Upon these remarks, the Roman Catholic Church fits the definition of a hate group as defined by both the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.
Created: Dec 25, 2012




Bob said...

I don't necessarily think the Church and most of its followers are a hate group, but Pope Benny is definitely filled with hate for the LGBT community.
He tries, and not very successfully, to mask his hate as some bent Christian love.

O!Daddie said...

I was going to post this when it first came out (pun unintended) and decided not to. I'm going to agree with with Our Lady Gaga of Perpetual Couture:

"What the Pope thinks of being gay does not matter to the world. It matters to the people who like the Pope and follow the Pope. It is not a reflection of all religious people.”

And if I may add, nor is it a reflection of the opinions of all Catholics.

Am I disappointed? Absolutely. Am I surprised and/or outraged? Not a bit. Is the RC Church going to be classified a hate group? Don't hold ur breath.

SEAN said...

I do think the Church, as lead by its bishops and cardinals, is acting as a hate group and hiding behind religion. I don't think most catholics or clergy are but having witnessed how my own family (and way too many parishioners) knew of/suspected pedophile priests I can't help but believe that they will continue to tolerate this hatred.

anne marie in philly said...

FUCK YEAH it's a hate group. I had 4 years of therapy to undo most of the shit I had to endure in their educational system. raping priests, drunken priests, butch nuns that beat up kids, bullying nuns, etc.

and everything they spew is a fucking lie! I left in 1977 and never looked back. I hope they go under and bankrupt as an organization; they are MOS DEF morally bankrupt.

Stan said...

The Catholic Church and the Pope should talk! The Church probably has more gay men than most organized religions.

Upton King said...

Stan makes a good point... and, yes, that is actually part of what is going on behind the scenes at the Vatican. If the church accepts gays, then all the priests will want to come out and still keep their jobs. Think of the lawsuits. The church would have to melt down some of that gold! The Catholic Church is not a hate group - they are a self-serving, myopic, protected organization afraid of the real world and what it would mean to remain relevant. They fear anything that threatens their status quo. I must point out that the protesters shown are part of a hate group known as the Westboro Church, which is not affiliated with the Catholic church in any way.

Jim said...

I signed this petition

Peter said...

That old fool in Rome is the devil incarnate. I can't sign the petition, since I'm not a US citizen, but I annulled my baptism.

I'm in good company over 25,000 did the same in the last week of December. The Dutch bishops have a problem who's going to pay for the stamps on their affirmations!

Prospero said...

Most Catholics tend to disagree with the Pope on this issue, but the Pope is supposed to represent all Catholics. Since the Pope has repeatedly expressed hateful rhetoric about the LGBT community (disguised as messages of 'God's Love'), he is no better than the pigs at Westboro and therefore, the leader of a hate group.

Anonymous said...

Seriously folks, this is crazy. Just because you hate the Pope (because he makes you feel dirty or sinful or whatever) doesn't mean he hates you.

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