Saturday, January 12, 2013


Wouldn't it be nice to be able to leave a clickable link back to your blog or to a website that you want to share? I know this was a source of frustration for me, at least for Blogger Comments, so I finally Googled it and here it is.

Also, when you go to leave a comment (I LOVE COMMENTS AND FEEDBACK), you'll find a link back to this post in the Message above the Comment Box. I tried to post the directions there, but I couldn't because it would become a link and if I tried to change anything it would give me an error message and not let me post it.

Good Luck! If you have any questions, I doubt I'll be able to help but I'll try.

Instructions to Leave a Clickable Link in Blogger Comments

    • This is you basic line of code:
      <a href="      "> Name of link</a>

      Lets use my blog as the example:

      Paste or type the address between the quotes, be sure to delete the spaces:

      Paste or type what you want the name of the link to be:
      Just A Jeep Guy
      This is the final line of code for my blog:
      <a href="">Just A Jeep Guy</a>

      This is the completed link:
      Just A Jeep Guy

      **When you type or paste your link into the comment, it will not appear completed until after you post the comment.


  1. Im a bit dense.. do I have to paste in the code, etc every time I leave a comment?

  2. Yes Daddie, you do. Either learn the code or paste it somewhere where you can copy and paste it as you need it.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I see bloggers and commenters doing special things like adding links or making their words boldface or italics, and I had absolutely no idea how they did it. I always assumed they cast a spell or prayed real hard. Well, to me adding code might as well be magic. I couldn't even figure out how to send a pic from my iPhone. You had to do it for me, remember that? Funny, twenty years ago I was a techno-wizard. Now I'm a techno-washout.

  4. By request: not sure if it works in an email.

    Dancing Bear GIF

  5. You have to be exact or you will either get an error message and it won't let you post it or sometimes it will post but the link doesn't work.

    The link won't look like it does in the comment instructions until it posts.

    Since I don't remember things so well anymore, I use these instructions over and over and they work for me.

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