Thursday, January 31, 2013


1. What puts you in a silly mood?
I can't think of the last time I was in a silly mood. I guess for me silly it that level above being happy and happens when around other people. Now that I've said that, I guess anyone seeing my with Truvy and Tramp would say I'm silly - I do things and they make/allow me to do things that are very silly like voices, faces and playing with toys.
2. What puts you in a creative mood?
Pot. Just kidding. I've never smoked. One of the things in life that I desire most, find sexy and attractive in others and turns my blue eyes green with envy is creativity and imagination. I have a deficit of talent when it comes to music or art but I do seem to have a small flare for writing. I mostly lack original thought but am very good at being inspired and re-imagining that inspiration into my own.

3. What puts you in a competitive mood?
Competition - most easily in sports like tennis or in games but my competitive spirit stems mostly from my Virgo nature (or OCD) for perfection. This also hinders my creativity. I like to do the best I can at what ever I do and this shows in my attention to detail, organizational skills, desire to be better and to win. This also benefits my sexual partners. Not achieving a desired level or success or skill often results in my loss of interest.
4. What puts you in a contemplative mood?
Depression. You just start thinking about everything, over and over and over again. Depression has become the word of choice to describe a bad day and thus most people (lucky them) don't truly have a clue to understanding depression. Depression can range from mild to crippling. Stand in front of a mirror and turn on the hot water. As the mirror fogs it gets harder and harder to see your reflection. The same happens with depression, it distorts your perception, makes the easiest tasks harder, makes trusting friends and family harder and harder and isolation becomes safe. Because everything becomes so hard to do, frustration levels soar and tempers flare. You isolate because instead of seeing your friends and family as being helpful, you can only see how they have hurt or wronged you like eating the last cookie - it's not rational (which we know but can't help), just what happens. Depression makes you think of yourself as worthless - so asking friends and family for help and understanding is not possible - they'd only laugh at you and say no. Isolation makes it easier to hide the depression and unleash/inflict your pain out on those who love and care about you. (Sorry about that.)

5. If you tend to be a quiet person what puts you in a talkative mood? If you tend to be a talkative person, what puts you in a quiet mood?
I'm an introvert (thanks internet flow charts) so I tend to be quiet until I'm put into situations where I must meet people, for work or sex, or I've had a drink or two. Alcohol, two drink limit or else I won't stop, makes me very happy, very talkative, flirty, horny and usually very pleasant to be around.

What puts you in 'the' mood?
That depends on the situation. These days it's need - need to cum because it's been so long and I just spent a few hours looking at photos to post on my other blog which has 7 posts a day 7 days a week - thats and lot of mood making! 
If I'm out and about, then expressing and interest in me, paying attention to me, grabbing my ass or cock works well. 
When dating or in a relationship, it's small thoughtful gestures,  cuddling on the couch or just holding hands while driving or seeing a movie. Love - the best mood maker of all. 

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  1. "Alcohol, two drink limit or else I won't stop". Wow that is so me. But usually after the third drink that's it for me cuz it all comes up :-(

  2. well then, we need to ply you with drinks and grab your ass in march! I think I can do that! :)

  3. Having suffered from years of chronic and relentless depression, let me say that I have never read such an accurate description of what it is like to live this way. Civilians really don't understand and how could they? "Dude, I'm not a cold-hearted bitch; I'm in varying degrees of pain most of the time."

    However; I've learned how to set limits, giving myself an hour, or a day, or a week to troll on the bottom and then force myself back to the top, into the light.

    This week I see(finally) another way out of the darkness; There is someone I care about who now desperately needs the strength, experience and clarity of vision that I possess when I choose to rule my depression instead of letting it rule me and THIS TIME, I intend not to disappoint him (or myself).

    TMI? No, just recognition from a fellow traveler.

    Feel better, Sean.

  4. Manors? I think you mean "manners." However, a stately English manor could also put me in the mood. See, for example, The text beneath the image there says that the Manor included "a sufficient and handsome hall well ceiled with oak; and on the western side ... a worthy bed ... a wardrobe and a certain other small chamber." The text doesn't necessarily match the image (of a French chateau or manor house) but that's an unimportant detail when one is fantasizing about sharing an intimate historic space with someone special.

  5. Steve - thanks for reading all of that and for commenting on the sp. DAMN YOU SPELL CHECK! Correction made and appreciated!

  6. i enjoy TMI entries. thank you for posting them.


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