Friday, January 4, 2013


I have a choice to make between getting the iPad or the iPad mini (it's a gift) and want your thoughts, experience and advice.

My needs are simple, to be able to mostly read and blog while in waiting rooms or traveling. I don't play games and though I haven't really done any streaming of movies and shows, I think with a tablet I will. There is a bit of a price cap - if I get the iPad it will be without cellular, if I get the mini then I will get it with cellular. What about no cellular but getting a separate hot spot? If I get the separate hotspot I'll have the advantage of being able to use it with my laptop. I will tell you that I am leaning towards the mini. It is about the same size as my Kindle (1st edition!), I like the size and weight, but will I have wished I had channelled my inner size queen and gotten the bigger screen?

As for using a hotspot, I know quality of service is dependent on the provider but overall are they worth  the inconvenience, do they really save you money and do they provide more security than using a public wifi like in Starbucks?


  1. I have a regular sized iPad and have the option to go with a mobile provider but have not as of yet (2 years later). I mainly use my work and home WIFI, however, I do occassionally use the free WIFI out and about including Starbucks and other places here in North America and the UK. I have not had a problem with security.

    For reading though, I tend to stick with my Kindle. iBooks, Overdrive (public library books), and the Kindle app suck power so be prepared to recharge more often than a regular Kindle.

    Good luck with the choice!

  2. I originally wanted to get the 4th generation iPad (I've yet to make the leap), but when the Mini was announced it sounded intriguing. Then I was turned off by all the negative reviews of the display on the Mini. When I actually saw the Mini, I didn't have an issue with the display, but the retina display on the iPad *was* better. That being said, I still haven't purchased either. Going to hold off and see what this year brings. Supposedly there's a retina Mini in the works, so that may ultimately fulfill my needs.

    As for the hotspot, I've had one for years and loved it...until it was lost. (Keep in mind it is one more thing to get displaced.) Instead of buying another, however, I simply changed my plan to use tethering on my phone and increased my data allowance. In the end I came out better financially by doing this.

  3. I traded in Ipad2 for a Mini and would never turn back. The best baraometer is to hold one in your right hand and one in your left.

  4. Rick - thanks, that's what I was thinking.

  5. Mark - I'm not sure I see the difference in the retina display. I'm the same way with great music systems and fine wine.

    A separate hot spot seems the way to go.

  6. Roger - did you know that's my middle name? I have done that and the iPad mini feels better. Thanks.

  7. Every "hot spot" I've encountered with Optimum (here in Jersey} requires a password using my iPod. Even when I enter my Optimum password it doesn't work. Aside from my own home wireless I have yet to connect to one outside of home. Never been in a Starbucks. lol!
    I only recently got an iPod for music to listen to at the gym so I'm not that knowledgeable with iPhones or iPads. An old no contract flip tracfone fits my needs (so far.)
    Good luck anyway.

  8. I bought both the 4th generation IPad and the IPad mini. For something to use outside the house, the mini is far and away the best choice. Perfect size, it fits in your interior coat pocket like it was made for it. I use the hotspot on my iPhone.

  9. I want the mini. It seems like the perfect size for what I do. I have the original iPad, and it's too big/clumsy feeling to me.

    I'm just waiting for the mini2, or the version of it at least with Retina display.


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