Saturday, February 9, 2013


"I think I knew I wasn't straight 
long before I knew I was gay."

EXACTLY! I'm not sure I have ever heard anyone put it quite that way but it is, for me, the perfect answer and perspective on what it's like to not be heterosexual.

I read Brian's complete quote on Joe.My.God.:
"The truth is I was gay my whole life. I had dated girls in high school. I think I knew I wasn't straight long before I knew I was gay. I knew by the time I got to college that I was gay. My team actually came to me to ask me whether I was gay. They wanted to talk about it. They asked me about the struggle and when I was going to tell people. I didn't go through the same struggles as people today. Today, you have 14-15-16 year olds so confident and secure in their sexuality. I was not. I wasn't a gay 17-year-old ready to come out to the world. When I got to college, I realized I was gay. I just didn't know how to go about it. My college didn't have a LGBT group to give me the language to come out. It was my quarterback who asked me first."
 - Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims, whom ESPN calls  "the only college football captain to ever come out."


anne marie in philly said...

handsome guy! he probably makes the old white redumblican guys in harrisburg nervous. GOOD FOR HIM!

SEAN said...

AM - he probably makes them horny!

Buddy Bear said...

A gorgeous man! And his statement really hit home with me because that used to be my exact view of myself.

I knew I wasn't 100% straight for years but figured out that I was actually gay only 1.5 years ago, when I had my first hookup.

Mark in DE said...

Handsome, interesting guy.

John Gray said...

He's lovely

The Vintage Hottie known as O!Daddie said...

Laugh if you like, but I had my first adult gay sexual encounter when I was 57 yrs old. Up until that point, my whole life in fact, I existed on the perimeter of 'straightness', and always feeling guilty about my attraction to men.

Now I am not NEARLY Gay, I am REALLY Gay and content for the first time in my life.

Stan said...

I don't know I doubt if ALL teens are that confident to come out today. I think it depends on what part of the country you live in.
He's a very handsome man. What a hunk!
I knew I was as attracted to men from since I can remember.

Jay M. said...

It's good that athletes at all levels (except perhaps pro sports) are able to come out. Outsports, You Can Play, other orgs and outlets can help a lot, especially with the teens of today. And for him to be such a good example, that helps a whole lot more!
Peace <3

RAD said...

right on for him-- handsome fella too!

Butch 57 said...

Brian's story is more the norm for us. I had the same thoughts and feeligs as a teen and young adult. More than one factor keeps us in the closet sometimes is ourself.

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