Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Action Alert: IL Rep. Rita Mayfield

NOM has issued an action alert.
Representative Rita Mayfield, a Democrat from Waukegan, has announced that she will be tallying emails received for and against same-sex marriage, and she will take that information seriously into account as she weighs her vote. Please take a moment right now to send Rep. Mayfield a short messaging asking her to OPPOSE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. Her email address is
What are you waiting for? We'll need every vote. (Tipped by JMG reader John)

Dear Rep. Mayfield,  
I ask that you support Marriage Equality.  
Marriage Equality is not a matter of religion but of ensuring that all citizens are treated equally by the Government of the United States. 
When my nephew was called early to serve in Afghanistan, he and his fiancée were refused their request to be married in the Catholic Church simply because they did not have time to complete the Catholic Church's requirement to take premarital counseling. They were eventually married by a non-denominational minister, who also marries gay couples. It wasn't until they filed paperwork for a license that they were legally married.  
As much as people against Marriage Equality will have you believe, regardless of which religion you believe in and choose to have a marriage ceremony performed by, if you do not receive a marriage license from the US Government, you do not have a marriage recognized by the US Government and are not entitled to any of its marital laws.
This is the difference between Legal Marriage and Religious Marriage. Gay couples seek a Legal Marriage and are entitled to have the US Government recognized their love and their relationship as well as legal protections for their themselves, their family and their children (if they have or desire to have children).  
How can you find this fair or wrong? 
I am not one of your constituents, most of the other emails you receive - both in support and against Marriage Equality -- will not come from your constituents either. I ask that you not base your vote what the final total is but on what you know it the right and fair thing to do. 
Thank you! Sincerely,  
Sean D

Thanks to Joe.My.God. 


  1. Great and well-thought out letter Sean. Thanks for taking the initiative to spread the word as well. You are awesome!

  2. Sean, I'm confused. Above your letter, you said that you wanted us to take a moment and tell her to "oppose same sex marriage"... then you seem in your letter to be in favour of it. I'm just trying to figure out what your position is.

  3. Tuesday - the first part of the post is the Action Alert sent out by NOM. THEY are asking their member to send emails to her which is why I sent my letter asking her to vote in favor of marriage equality.


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